Broken Promise

It all started with a dream and a broken key


3. Life goes on slowly

      After we found out about Lucy's death I stopped going to the guild. I would only come to visit once in awhile now because everything there reminded me of Lucy. Today when I decided to go I ran into Gray who seemed happy to see me but no Natsu. "Hey Wendy your just in time. Me, Erza, and Happy were about to take a job do want to tag along?" I was about to say no when I thought I saw Lucy standing out side the guild with them a smile on her face as she waved for me to come along. "Sure I'll come along what's the job you picked any way?" Gray seemed to be happy that I said I was going to join because he smiled for the first time since the day Lucy died. "We have to save a town from a bunch of monsters that are attacking it and the pay is 70,000 jewel each." My mouth dropped a bit at the really good pay that it had. "Wow Natsu is really missing out on this one then." Erza nodded in agreement.  "Indeed he is but he said that he wasn't feeling well and was going to head home to rest for a bit." I nodded as the figure of Lucy just disappeared. "Well then let's get going and go save a village!" I nodded and ran off with them smiling. Lucy may not be here any more but the warmth that she brought to the guild is still here.

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