Broken Promise

It all started with a dream and a broken key


7. Dream

      It was a long day and I knew tomorrow would be longer. "I'm heading home to sleep." I said and left the guild hall rubbing my eyes. I was tempted to go see Lucy but I knew she wouldn't be home...she was never home any more. With a heavy sigh I went home and layed down in my bed falling fast asleep. For some odd reason though I had a dream about Lucy dying.

     "Gray use your ice make magic to save her!" Natsu was yelling at me and I was confused until I looked over and saw that Lucy was laying on the floor unmoving. I ran over to her to make sure that she was okay and saw that she was still awake which made me feel better. "Lucy are you okay!" She sat up and rubbed her head in pain as she looked at me. "What happened Gray...?" I sighed with relief and sat by her. I was confused as to why she didn't use her keys when I saw that she didn't have one and the one that was with her was broken. She looked aorund saw that Natsu was busy with a battle and that there was a bright beam coming at him. "Natsu look out!" Me and Lucy both screamed as she jumped in front of him taking the hit. Natsu spun around and caught her just in time as she fell to the ground and went limp and pale. He started to cry and scream out her name. We knew that she was really dead...

     I sat up in bed in a pool of sweat freaked out as I looked around to see that was in my room. "Was that a dream...or did I just remember something?" My head still felt really foggy like there was something I was supposed to forget but didn't.



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