Broken Promise

It all started with a dream and a broken key


10. Could it really be

    Grey stood with the blanket sitting on the floor my mouth wide open from shock and the tears streaming down my face. "Lucy..." She was so beautiful frozen in the ice. It was as if Mother Nature saw the beauty she had and used the last of her powers to save a precious flower from being lost forever. I walked over to the ice block and placed my hand on it's cold smooth surface. All I could see was Lucy's smiling face again and hear her laugh as she called my name out. Yet there she was in the ice in not  moving not alive anymore. 

    Grey and Leon came back down stairs sad looks on there faces when they saw I had found out the truth about her. "Where really sorry Natsu. We wanted to tell you but we thought it better to wait for the right time so it would hurt as much." I shook my head as the tears wouldn't stop. "No, there's still hope for her." They gave each other looks and then looked back at me. "What do you mean there's still hope. Do you have a plane or something?" Leon asked me in a hopeful voice. "I think I do have one to save Lucy."

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