Broken Promise

It all started with a dream and a broken key


5. Broken Key

     I picked the note up and read what it said. "Natsu this is my gift you so you will always have a little piece of me with you." It was then that I realized that she was acting so weird was because she knew that she wasn't going make it back that day. I felt my heart ach a little more when I figured this out but I smiled all the same seeing as once again she thought of me first. "Thank you Lucy you always seemed to put me first no matter what. I wish I had done the same for you more then I did...." I sighed and picked up the diary and story book thinking she would have wanted levy to have it. She did promise Levy that she would be the first to read her book when it was done. Happy with how things went I went home and layed on my bed looking at the ceiling for awhile. "I wonder what she wrote about in her diary...?" I glanced over at the book that was untouched and felt the curiosity eating away at me.

January 3 (Day 1)

Dear diary,

           When I went into town I ran into a creep but I also meet a brave hero. The creep tried to lie to me and tell me he was from Fairy Tail. Lucy for me a hero was near by and ready to save the day. Just thinking about this is making my cheeks red again. I couldn't be falling in love could I? Oh my hero wore a scarf that looked liked scales and a big goofy smile on his face. He was kind and generous and could eat like a mad man. His hair is a spiky pink and he has a partner named Happy who always says "Aye sir."  His name is Natsu Dragneel and I think that he might be the one I've searching for all this time.Of course only time can tell me this lol so I won't get that excited yet. Here is the really crazy part my hero got me into Fairy Tail! I have a guild mark and everything! I can't wait to go on so many more more adventures with him! It's getting late now so I should sleep before my next exciting day in Fairy Tail...Night!



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