Broken Promise

It all started with a dream and a broken key


8. Book with Tails to tell

      The next day I forced my self out of bed to get dressed and face the day. When I got to the guild hall I was happy to see it was a little alive. "Glad to see Natsu and Gray butting heads again." I said with a small laugh to Jet. Natsu stopped fighting Gray as soon as he saw me though. "Levy! I  have to give you something." He had a big smile on his face as he ran over to me. "Hey Natsu what's up?" I noticed he had a broken key around his neck which confused me more.

     "I have something from Lucy that was meant for you." He said as his smile started to fade away with each word he spoke. "What is it...?" I asked softly forgetting why the key bugged me so much. "It's Lucy's story book. You know the one she was writing and promised to let you read when it was finished?"  I nodded as he held the book out to me and I couldn't help but start to cry. "This was Lucy's story...she was writing for me to read...?" he nodded and smiled at me as he took a seat on the floor. "So um...Levy can you read a chapter to us?" I smiled a little and nodded as I opened the book seeing as more people joined Natsu on the floor. "Okay. But only one chapter." They nodded and smiled happily.

        'Once upon a time in a far off land there was a princess who was lost. She had no were to go and dreamt of a far away place were fairies  and humans could live in peace. Then well she was wondering through a new town she was attacked by a man who said he was a dragon that could spit out purple flames. The Princess was sure she would be done for at that moment but anther dragon appeared and saved her. Little did she know that the dragon was really a prince from the land that she had only dreamt up in her head. He smiled at her showing her his fangs, The princess backed up frightened and the boy frowned. "Don't be afraid of me." He tired to step closer but the princess stumbled back word tripping and falling on her bottom. "Stay away from me you monster! You just want to eat me like the other dragon did!" She said scared for her life. The boy stopped where he was and thought for a bit about how he could show her that he wouldn't hurt her when he had an idea. "If you truly believe I will hurt you then why don't you walk to me. I will not move a muscle as you walk towards me." He said with a smile again and held out his hand to her. The princess thought about this for awhile then slowly she got up and walked towards the boy. His strong hand was held out to her and he wore the same smile from earlier. With a shaky hand she reached out and grabbed his hand and stepped closer.

           He chuckled a bit and pulled her closer to him wrapping his arm around her waist now. Her cheeks began to turn a crimson red as she pushed away from him. "Do you believe that I won't hurt you now?" She gave a small nod and stayed quite not sure what to say to him. "You seem lost miss. Would you like some help." She looked up at him with helpful eyes. "Could you really help me Mr. Dragon?" He chuckled once again and gave another smile to her this time with a nod. "So you can speak then. The name is Natsu miss not Mr.Dragon. Yes, of course I can help you I have many friends who would be happy to help you find the place you are looking for. She turned red again embarrassed that she didn't know his name until now. "I'm sorry name is Lucy."  His eyes light up as wings appeared to grow from his back. "Lucy is it? Well how would you like to go on an adventure?" Her eyes seemed to sparkle as she got closer to him and held on. "I would like that a lot actually." With no more words needing to be said he took a leap off the ground and brought her to the place she had been to so many times in her dreams.

            With that I closed the book and got a lot of grown and grunts from the people that had gathered around me. "Why'd you stop it Levy!" Natsu was yelling at me making me laugh again. "I told  you I would read a chapter and that was it." He tried to fight me on it but in the end I won any way. With a sigh he got up and smiled again. "Lucy was an amazing writer." I nodded feeling my heart ach again. "Yeah...she really was..." I said and hugged the book close to my chest.


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