Lovely Complex

Conflicted with the school bully who once used to be her elementary sweet heart and middle school crush; Emilia Youth is dared to win over Gabriel Lovè's heart once more.


1. Stupid

"Emilia, give it back! It's mine and mom said so!" The small boy jumped and stretched out a hand to the girl in the tree holding a toy robot. She giggled before sticking her tongue out at him, waving the robot in the air as if it were flying. "Emilia!!" The small girl flinched, looking down at the angry boy.

"You can have it when you grow taller than me Gab!" Emilia yelled as she stood on the branch, It moved slowly beneath her feet. Reaching a hand to climb further up the tree, a shout reached her ears, "Wait, Emilia! Don't-" Her foot soon slipped from beneath her. A cry escaped her lips as she fell. Like a limp doll she laid there on the ground, the robot within her fallen reach. "Emilia!!"


"She'll be perfectly fine, though I'd suggest she rest and eat well while at home." The mother consulted with the doctor at the door way while her daughter laid in bed. A small smile covered the woman's lips before Gabriel entered through the small gap between the two adults. He stood beside the bed as tears pooled in his eyes.

"Gabriel..." Emilia spoke softly while her soft blue eyes looked at him. He jumped and furiously wiped at his eyes before sucking in a strong breath. Her giggles echoed in the quiet room, "May you open the window please? It's stuffy in here..." Gabriel turned around and opened the window, letting in a breeze of spring air.

"Stupid..." Gabriel whispered, clutching his tiny fists tightly as the tears fell.

"What- I said you're stupid!" Whipping around he stared at Emilia who had flinched from being startled. Tears glazed over her eyes, a muffled cry escaping her lips while she hid her hurt face.

A hand gently grabbed Emilia's and held it tightly, "You're so stupid Emilia. You always get hurt. Why can't you just... be safe..." Gabriel hiccuped as the tears started once again. Emilia sat up and hugged Gabriel tightly, sobbing into his Starwars shirt.

Gabriel tightened the hug between them as he whimpered into her short curly hair of gold. Emilia's mother sat in a chair watching the heart-warming scene unfold and blossom. Gabriel's mother walked in soon as well, creating a small chat with her.


"Gabriel, it's time to go home. I hope you feel better Emilia! Goodnight." Gabriel's mother came up beside the bed, putting a hand on her sons' shoulder, gesturing that they leave. Stepping back from the bed, the connected hands soon broke. Emilia waved a sad good bye to her friend.

Gabriel looked at Emilia. Her blue eyes gazed into his green ones before shaking off his mother's hand and dashing off down the hallway of the hospital. His mother soon followed after a goodbye to Emilia's mother.

Emilia yawned while rubbing her eye, "Look at what I brought you," Emilia looked tiredly at her mother, burying herself further into the bed, "Mr. Love!" She held up a large stuffed fox with glasses, a heart stitched onto his chest.

"Mr. Love!!" Emilia sat up immediately and took him. Snuggling and hugging the stuffed animal her mother smiled and giggled. Tucking in her daughter, Emilia yawned once more before drifting off to sleep but not without a whisper, "Night mommy, I love... you...."

A kiss was planted onto Emilia's head before she swept the blonde curls away from her face, "I love you too Emilia," Standing tall, she closed the window and looked up into the clear night sky. Twinkling and shining bright were multiple stars with a full moon, she wished, "I wish Emilia will be better soon."

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