Lovely Complex

Conflicted with the school bully who once used to be her elementary sweet heart and middle school crush; Emilia Youth is dared to win over Gabriel Lovè's heart once more.


2. Knight in Shining Armor

"Are you sure you're okay?" Gabriel asked Emilia as they played on the playground. Emilia looked at Gabriel and groaned before throwing a stick at him.

"I'm fine! It's only been a few weeks since I got out of the hospetil... hospetal?- Hospital?" Gabriel interrupted before another stick was thrown at him. He moved and jumped around her, sticking his tongue out and waving his hands around. Emilia huffed and bent over, Gabriel stopped once he saw she was trying to stand.

Noticing the strain on her face he dashed forward, "Emilia! You can't stand yet. Sit down! The doctor said- th-that I should try to-to move w-when I can..." Gripping her arm he tugged to sit her down, only to have her fall over and on top of him. Skin on skin. Lips on lips. Gabriel and Emilia groaned before readjusting themselves.

"Ew they're kissing! You kissed Emilia!" A boy with red hair and freckles shouted while laughing at Gabriel, pointing a judging finger at the both of them. "She's not even pretty! Why would you kiss her?" Emilia shrunk and hid her flushed, saddening face, turning away. Glancing at her slowly growing unconfident form, a tear slipped down her cheek.

"She can't even walk right! What a loser!" Another boy with blonde hair laughed.

Gabriel lunged and punched the red-head, "She is very pretty! Don't you ever say she isn't!!" 

"Hey!" The blonde shouted, grabbing at Gabriel's hair as he turned to look at him. Piercing and enraged eyes of green stared at the blonde boy. Grabbing the blonde boys shirt and shoving him to the ground before hitting the red-head once again.

A high pitched cry sounded snapping the red-head and Gabriel to the blonde boy."Look at what I got!" Blondie taunted while holding Emilia's hair tightly, her non-fractured leg squirming and trying to stand to release some of the pain. A flame started in Gabriel's chest that sent him running to the blondie who kicked her back. Hands grabbed at his ankles, causing him to trip onto a rock getting a nosebleed, "I've got you now!"

 He glanced over his shoulder at the red-head before kicking him in the face, making him squeal and run away. The blonde faltered once seeing his friend abandon him. Gabriel staggered as the blood ran over his lips and down his chin. "Let Emilia go. Now." Blondie gulped in fear before he ran away as well.

Emilia collapsed onto the sandy ground, sobbing while holding her head. Gabriel jogged over to Emilia, helping her sit up. "I'm sorry Emilia..." Her shimmering blue eyes looked over at Gabriel who stared at the ground angrily. She looked away and sniffled, wiping away her tears. "Emilia, Emilia...?" He whispered softly to her, desiring her attention at the moment.

"Did you really mean it...?" She asked quietly.

He looked at her confused, "Did I mean what?" he questioned, leaning closer into her. Her messy blonde curls swished as she faced Gabriel closely with a blushing and teary face.

"Th-that I was pretty...." A blush dusted on to Gabriel's cheeks as his meadow green eyes went wide, remembering that he had said that.

"You're very pretty Emilia," He scratched his cheek nervously as a gasp came from Emilia. "What! What is it?!" Gabriel shouted as he looked, seeing Emilia cover her mouth before tearing up.

"You're bleeding because of me. I'm so sorry..." She cried softly, clutching her baby blue dress which was now dirtied and crumpled. Gabriel stood and walked off silently. Closing her eyes, she cried harder before hearing crunching. Her blue eyes lifted to see Gabriel bringing over her wheelchair, and in the distance, their mother's hurrying over.

Lowering a hand to her, he smiled and kneeled, "I will always protect you Emilia. No matter what they say or do. Y-You'll be my princess." his ears turned pink slowly after saying that. Wide blue eyes stared at him as she sat there silently staring at him before giggling and laughing.

Gabriel blushed and averted his eyes, "I sound so stupid- You're my knight in shining armor then." a soft hand placed itself in Gabriel's. He looked at Emilia as she smiled and leaned towards him, kissing his bloodied cheek.

"Thank you Gabriel." Putting their foreheads together, they smiled and giggled.

"I love you Emilia," Gabriel whispered softly before their parents made it over.

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