The Rose

Belle, trained assassin extraordinaire, has a new mission. Find the Beast, a huge, fierce myth that could probably tear Belle's throat out in two seconds, take all of his secrets, and kill him. Not him- it. Belle must stop thinking of this fascinating creature as something that could possibly have feelings.

And it had feelings. It had motives, and plans, and purpose.

And Belle?

Belle wanted to know more.


6. Chapter VI

‘You keep prisoners?’ I tried to maintain a neutral tone in my voice, but holy shit. Who on earth kept prisoners nowadays?

‘Only the one.’ He muttered, stopping in front of a cell. The large bars were rusted, but stood strong. It was incredibly dark, the rustling of clothes the only thing alerting me to the person inside the cell. The person shivered, mumbling to themselves, finally stepping into the light.

My heart dropped to my stomach.

My father’s face was dangerously thin, his lips chapped and swollen. His eyes were wide and fearful, their brown colour no longer beautiful chocolate, but instead a dark grey. He shuddered at the sight of the Beast. He turned to me, gasping when he saw his daughter standing there in front of him. He clutched the bar, whimpering.

‘Belle, my sweet Belle.’ He tried to smile. It was painful to see, painful to know he couldn’t manage his beautiful grin. I sank to my knees, prying his hand from the bar and holding it tightly. A sob escaped my throat. My father, my wonderful father, locked up by this hideous creature. I stood, fury blazing in my eyes.

‘Let him go.’ I glowered at the Beast, who looked surprised at the whole family reunion.

‘You know him?’ He asked.

‘He’s my father. Now let him go.’ I rumbled, still squeezing my father’s hand.

‘I can’t do that.’ The Beast lowered his gaze, looking from his prisoner to me.

‘Why not? Can’t you see how ill he is?’ I couldn’t stop the cry slipping from my mouth.

‘He trespassed on my land. I cannot let him go. There’s nothing you can do.’ He shrugged, like it was as simple as that.

Anger boiled in my blood, but I held firm. A weak part of me was begging me to just let it go, escape the Beast and run. But I knew what I had to do.

‘Let me take his place.’

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