The Rose

Belle, trained assassin extraordinaire, has a new mission. Find the Beast, a huge, fierce myth that could probably tear Belle's throat out in two seconds, take all of his secrets, and kill him. Not him- it. Belle must stop thinking of this fascinating creature as something that could possibly have feelings.

And it had feelings. It had motives, and plans, and purpose.

And Belle?

Belle wanted to know more.


5. Chapter V

‘What do you mean, your last hope?’ I stumbled with surprise, balancing myself on the edge of the bed. I was reluctant to trust him, but he hadn’t tried to kill me yet, so that must count for something.

‘There is a man here. He’s fearful for his life. You are my last chance to comfort him, so he doesn’t try to... Run off again.’ He cringed at his words. He was lying.

Why was he lying?

‘I don’t believe you.’ I stated simply, crossing my arms. Only then did I notice that I was only wearing black cotton trousers and a thin white shirt. I folded my arms tighter across my chest.

‘I’ll prove it to you.’ He held out his arm, making me stagger back. He sighed once more, motioning me to follow him out the massive wooden doors.

I rose, joining the dots in my head. He did have someone there, unless it was a trap. And that someone… that someone could be my father. I had to take the risk.

We emerged from the room into a massive hall, the ceiling high above us. I had already memorised the plan of the castle; but I couldn’t be sure which wing this was. I followed the Beast, down a grand staircase. Only then did we reach a tiny group of rooms; the servant quarters. I hadn’t seen any servants yet, but I was sure they were there somewhere. We marched down another staircase. The air was cool, shivers running down my spine as the wind blew through me. The Beast glanced at me, before quickly turning back and leading me through a narrow passageway.

The dungeons. 

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