When the World Ends

Nina lives during one of the worst apocalypses the world has ever seen,not including the year everyone thought the world was going to explode. A new breed of zombies and monsters walk freely on earth, plagues have spread throughout numerous countries and natural disasters happen frequently world wide.

This is the world Nina and her friends live in and she is all too prepared to die rolling her eyes one last time when the disaster outside finally got to her. But when her clumsy cousin Shay gets lost in a monster infested area, someone's gotta save her.


2. TWO

"Nina Leanne Wilson when we get home I am going to murder you and donate your brain to Mr. Meats Deli for Flesh Eaters." Reena mutters angrily under her breath.

I give her a slight punch in the arm and pick up my book bag. "Ren stop being a baby." 

"I'm not being a baby." She whines. " I just would rather be at home in our cozy apartment eating spicy fried brain and broccoli than this." She says throwing her bag over her shoulder. 

"You mean our cozy apartment near the monster infested forest?" I say getting onto the bus.

"Yeah that one." She says following behind me. I swipe our passes over the identification key and we walk down the bus aisle, grabbing some seats in the back. It wreaks of sweat, rotting flesh and other horrible undistinguishable smells.
When I decided that Reena and I would have to go save my idiot cousin Shay we had to pick a method of transportation that would take us from New York to Ottawa. All airports coming in and out of America were immediately shut down once we realized that 2.0 monsters could easily sneak aboard and infect passaengers. We would drive but neither I nor Reena had a car that we could use. So we decided to just get on a bus, which was pretty easy because most people don't dare to leave their houses unless they need food so their were plenty of bus tickets available. I'm surprised there were still people driving the buses.
When I sat down I noticed there was about only tweleve to twenty people on the bus, not including us. I smile concluding that this would be a short trip and we could get to Ottawa and back in at most a day or two.
Boy, was I fucking wrong.
I plug in my headphones deciding to listen to some music. An ad for Amy Blank, a professional monster hunter, plays as I tried to turn on my music. I curse my inability to just go out a get a new phone, one that wasn't from ten years ago and glitched so much to the point of annoyance you wanted to slit your own throat open with it. The creation of this phone was literally worse than the time the government nearly set off a nuclear bomb on Iowa. 

"Do you have a monster problem? Then call Amy Blank, the best monster slayer in the business. She'll get rid of your monster faster than anyone else. Point Blank period." The ad blasts in my ears. I angrily try clicking exit, but no matter how many times I smash my finger against the screen it will not work. I rip out my headphones in frustration done with the stupid thing.

Reena turned to face me, observing my obvious frustration. "You should really just get a new phone." She says chuckling.

I roll my eyes entirely annoyed. "Stupid Amy Blank ad. Where was she when Shay was trapped by those vampires?"
When the monsters started to get out of hand Amy Blank rolled in. She is a random face claiming to be the answer to your monstrous problems. She claims to be this professional hunter that seemingly came from nowhere. You are supposedly just to dial a number and Amy will be on her way to save you with her superb excellent skills. A lot of people love her and think of her as a savior. I however, do not give a single flying fuck about her existence and just want her to stop advertising everywhere.
After about an hour of sitting on a dirty bus with nothing to do I decided to take a short nap. When I wake up it iss about two hours later and it seems we are getting pretty far. I let out a soft sigh staring up at the ceiling of the odorous bus. Suddenly I feel a strong sharp pain in my lower abdomen. I look over to my best friend, who's elbow is pointed toward my ribcage ready to go in for another jab at me.
I grab her arm stopping her before she could hurt me again. "What is it, idiot?"

"I'm hungry." She says staring blankly ahead.

"And I'm slowly falling into a pit of my own darkness, your point?" I says scowling at her.

"No, you don't get it." She turns to look me in the eyes. Her eyes are no longer their usual pale ivory green. They are a cold empty black. "I'm hungry Nina." 

I can now understand Reena wasn't staring off into space. She is staring at what she wants to be her next meal. It is a tall lanky looking teenager. He has straight blonde hair and is gripping his bag right to his chest. Poor guy was probably going to see his only family or something.
Reena's stare on the boy became intense. She never broke contact, not even to blink. Saliva slipped out the corners of her mouth before her stomach gave out a loud roar. It sounded like she hadn't eat in days.
I've only seen Reena like this once since she walked into the apartment with deep black scratches across her lower back. The last time this happened it took me two hours of defending myself to tire her out and two fresh brains to get her back to normal . . . well as normal as an undead girl can possibly get.
Reena's stomach roars are getting louder the longer she stared at the boy. She is fighting her hunger, biting down in her lower lip until it is covered in her own blood. "Nina help me."

"It's okay you'll be fine. The bus is making a stop in about ten minutes."

Her head makes a sharp fast inhuman turn to look at me with her lifeless eyes. "Ten minutes? Ten minutes!" She turns to look at the boy once again. He has to be no more than fifteen. "Nina, I've been fighting this for thirty minutes trying to spare that poor boy's life. I can barely go another second without thinking of ripping his skull from his scrawny neck and sinking my teeth into his temporal lobe."
Her words come out cruel and cold hearted. She doesn't care how much pain she could inflict upon that boy or his family. All she can think about is eating. She is shaking in her seat trying to control herself. I lay my hand on her shoulder trying to somewhat comfort her. Her skin is cold to the touch like ice.

"Reena I just need you t-" before I can finish my sentence Reena has already hopped over her seat making her way towards the blonde boy.

She lets out a low growl snarling at the boy. She has cornered him in his seat and he was shaking in fear. Without thought I leap up and grab my machete out of it's holster on my hip. I know it's wrong to point a machete at your best friend but, if it's the only way to keep her from devouring a young boy, you have to. As long as I don't accidentally take her head off all her body parts will grow back perfectly fine.

"P-please don't kill me." The boy is stuttering, his bottom lip quivering and tears filling his eyes.

People on the bus start panicking watching my friend about to attack an innocent kid, probably fearing they're next. I run up behind her using all my strength to pull her off of the boy and slam her onto the bus floor. The boy sits with his knees to his chest with his back pressed against the seat.

"Run." I growl at him before Reena can get back up again.
He hurries to get out of the seat and to the front of the bus. Before I can make my next move, the bus driver slams on the breaks. Everyone violently jerks forward and I fall hard to the floor landing on top of my undead friend.
She growls under me, clawing at my back. I turn over to pin down her arms. I can clearly see her face. She snarls at me with pointed rotting teeth and I can see small glimpses of her nearly yellow tongue as she tries to bite at me. Her eyes look different up close. They are black but they're almost like a deep never ending abyss with a thin deep red ring around the iris. Passengers hurriedly run off the bus in attempt to escape danger. Those behind us jumped over the seats and throw their bags out the windows.
It is now blatantly obvious that this was no longer my friend, this is a monster acting only on instinct. And it's first one would be to feed. There is not a trace of emotion or conscience. It is just one of the reasons people feared to leave their houses. I reached over to grab my machete.
I lift it up, as Reena continues to try an gnaw at my bones. Swiftly I bring down the blade and I take her arm off and then the other. I breathe heavy as I stand up watching her squirm. I wipe off the drops of blood on my lips and run to my book bag. 
I dig through the bag until I found the scarf that she had decided to bring for "fashion purposes". I walk over to my best friend helplessly attempting to get to her feet, like a turtle turned on its shell.

"Ren, I just want you to know that I love you," I say kneeling down to her and holding up the scarf, "so please don't kill me for this later." I say tying the scarf around her mouth and muzzling her.

I think it'd be safe to say I had an eventful day.

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