When the World Ends

Nina lives during one of the worst apocalypses the world has ever seen,not including the year everyone thought the world was going to explode. A new breed of zombies and monsters walk freely on earth, plagues have spread throughout numerous countries and natural disasters happen frequently world wide.

This is the world Nina and her friends live in and she is all too prepared to die rolling her eyes one last time when the disaster outside finally got to her. But when her clumsy cousin Shay gets lost in a monster infested area, someone's gotta save her.


1. ONE

"Do you have a monster problem? Then call Amy Blank, the best monster slayer in the business. She'll get rid of your monster faster than anyone else. Point Blank period." The commercial voice shouted enthusiastically.
   I sat back on the couch taking a bite of my turkey and cheese sandwich. I was finally starting to relax after a long day at the grocery store. It was fine at first like any other trip to the grocery store. I picked out what I needed and had a nice encounter with Jeff the cashier. He spent four minutes informing me on how eventually all the molecules in our bodies will separate and every human alive will explode ending the human race in tragic asynchronous explosions.
    But I was completely caught off guard when I was rammed by a zombified dog. All my groceries were knocked out of my hands and onto the ground. Lucky me I always have protection on hand, especially in this city. I pulled out my gun and shot it in the head and ran off knowing that it wouldn't be long before that thing got back up again. This only surprised me because it was a canine. Zombies don't usually infect animals, but I guess they made an exception for this one.
    You're probably wondering what crazy person excpects to get tackled by a zombie. The people of the year 2046 do. After the year 2017 the world took a big turn for the worst with the first apocalypse. It started as a disease that affected astronauts who went up into space. They say it must've been something with new materials for the equipment in the space shuttles or something in space that mutated the cells of the astronauts. They tried to quarantine as many as they could before it spread but they just couldn't and at least one hundred thousand people in multiple countries died. But eventually they contained it and it was never brought up again.
      Then years later in 2043 the world found out that scientist across the globe had been secretly competing to make a serum that would advance the human race. They tried to create inability to get hurt but instead creating the zombie. They also tried making it so humans could transform but ended up with werewolves and shapeshifters. They even tried to give us sharp retractable teeth and strength but only created, as you've probably guessed, the vampire.
     The world went crazy, but we soon realized only a few of the monsters went insane and that most were just harmless people with the craving for brains, blood and flesh. People took this so well they even started restaurants for our monster friends with parts from people who signed up for organ and limb donations before they died.
   This happy sunshine situation ended fast when two years later scientist tested their new serum to cure the monsters. This cure however did not work only increasing the animal instincts within the monsters they injected it into and turning them into rabid wild and dangerous animals. This failed cure was the beginning of what I can already tell will be the end of the world. Some of the 2.0 monster's scratches or saliva can give a person a horrible contagious disease. It can cause your hair to fall out and give you raging hives and most commonly the giant white bumps that cover your body head to toe and the dark green slime that comes out of your eyes. 
     I've lived through a year of this hell on earth and I can only see it getting worse. I try my best just to live through everyday and hopefully die while devouring my favorite sandwich.
     I finish my sandwich and go over to the kitchen to put my dish in the sink when the door opens. It's my mom and my best friend Reena. My mother had on  scowl that was clearly aimed at my best friend. This didn't surprise me, Reena always would joke in ways my mother didn't take too kindly.

"Reena you know I don't like when you joke like that." My mother says sternly.

"Relax Mama Wilson you know I'd never actually do that. I don't think I ever could if I wanted to." Reena laughs.

"I'm serious young lady. It scares me to think that one day you might go crazy and turn into one of those things. You're like my second child and it would break my heart to chop off your head." My mother says waving her sword for emphasis.

"What are you two talking about?" I say raising an eyebrow.

"Your mom thinks one day I'm gonna go crazy and rip someone's brain out and devour it." Reena says dropping her purse on the coffee table and plopping on the couch.
   I walk over to sit next to my best friend who was aimlessly flipping through the channels.

"Mom you know Ren isn't like that. She's a only first draft zombi— hey go back to that channel."  I say snatching the remote from my friends hand.

"We've already got this old outdated TV from 2016. Now you're gonna make me watch this old timey TV show?" My best friend says angrily getting up from the couch.

"Hey! Supernatural is a fucking classic!" I shout at her as she storms away.

"Yeah whatever." She mumbles under her breath.

    I sit back and put my focus on the screen. It was episode from season seven. It was an old episode but I loved it anyway. My mother had walked into the kitchen to what I guess was to inspect all the food as she did every time she visited. 
    I was in the middle of the episode when my mother ran back in the room looking extremely worried. She paced back and forth running her fingers through her untamed black hair. Panic was evident all over her face as she pulled her gun and blade out of her bag.

"Mom where are you going?" I say standing up and walking towards her.

"It's Shay." She says sharpening her blade.

"What about her?" 

"She went to Ottawa to get some supplies from the laboratory and she got surrounded by wild vampires." 

     The Ottawa laboratory is where they tested the cure on the vampires. Shay should've known to watch out for them knowing that they would probably make their nest in or near the laboratory. I knew we shouldn't have sent her to go, but she somehow convinced us all that she was capable although it is now clear to see that she is obviously not.

   My mom started towards the door with a mix of anger and perturbation in her eyes. "Mom I'm not letting you go." I say pulling her away from the door.

"And why the hell not? This is a serious situation Nina." Her usual light hearted tone was now replaced with frustration and rage.

"Because you're my only mother and I'm not letting you go get killed!" I shout.

She is silent for a moment then let out a long sigh. "Then who else is going to go get that idiot girl?" She says dropping her bag by her side.

"Reena and I can do it."

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