Silent Love

My named is Jake, I use Facebook and met this cute woman her name was Anna..But then I found out this is gonna be a Silent Love between me and Anna...


1. Silent Love

    Me and my wife was eating and my kid wanted to know how we met... so I told then how me met!

Jake p.o.v

     So this is our story, when I first saw her, her lips are full, hair are flowing, and her eyes are pretty! Thinking of her is just perfect❤ But what I say was just a picture of her. Yeah....I met her in Facebook, I send her a friend request hoping she will accept! 


10 minutes later 

     I was playing with my guitar and heard a sound on Facebook and I check what was it hoping it was her. When I check she accepted the request and I was happy that I dance and jump on my bed! I stared to talk to her, the more I talk to her the more I get into know her... We both had so much in common. A couple day later I have her phone number and thought, this so to good to be true. I really like this girl even though we haven't met her in person. I texted her, and wrote...

Jake: Let's text untill we finally meet each other in person

i wroted that and sent it to her.

Two day letter

     It was like a date and I finally get to see her for the first time. I just think about her the whole time! :D and I have this one question which is, if she gonna be interest on me or not... I couldn't decide what to wear. It was quiet sometime I take a girl on a date, she texted me her address and there I go getting ready to go pick her up. 


A couple minutes later 

     I was at the front of her house, but I did not know if I was at the right house or not. So I texted her.

Jake: Hey I'm outside

I texted her that, about a second later she reply. 

Anna: Okay just come to the door

After I read that I stand there thinking be confident Jake, it been a long time I got this. I was so nervous because I really like this woman. I had to check my breath And slap my self a little bit.


At her doorstep

When I was at her doorstep, I ring the door bell and waited for her to open. When she open the door I looked at her, she was on a beautiful dress with cruel hair and red lipstick. I saw her smile.

Jacob: Ready?

she smile then pull out her phone and text Jacob with....

Becca: I have something to tell you

After I read that, i said without texting,

Jacob: What is it? 

She did not say anything or text anything but instead she make a sign that she can't talk at all. But Jacob gasp and did not say anything but what he did is....

Jacob: You're still beautiful :D

He texted that to Anna and she smile with her teeth open. They then go on our date

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