Replacing John

Lee is a smart ass, no doubt, a master deductioner and a detective inspector, some may say even smarter than Sherlock. She may have started small, but she is growing higher than ever. Curious, Greg Lestrade investigates, thinking that she would be the perfect partner for his old friend.


2. There's A Case!

I had told Liam millions of times that I didn’t care about Sherlock knowing I had a mission. He was still concerned for me, understandable, sentiment, a chemical reaction found on the losing side, it why friends and ‘personal’ relationships aren’t my forte. I got a knock on my door, it was obvious who it was, the knock was strong and the knuckles hit the door first.

“Dr John Watson, its open, come in” I yelled.

The door creaked open, this apartment was old, probably 10 to 20 years old, the creak was low as he shut the door behind him. He walked into the living room, my wallpaper was a black, floral pattern, and I had two chairs by the marble mantle-piece, I was sitting at the table on my laptop, reading his blog. ‘A Study In Pink’ he had made a complete story that Sherlock had been taken by the killer and in the killers, 

last words after being shot were ‘I had a sponsor’.  Maybe it was true, I hadn’t spoken to Sherlock in a month or so, probably more, time if for those waiting to die.

“How did you know it was me?” He asked slightly confused.

“The knock” I replied.

“The knock?”

“Yes the knock, it was too strong to be any woman I know, so man, Liam and Mike are in Yorkshire, so not them. Sherlock is in a silent mood with me, so he wouldn’t make human confrontation with me. You knocked with your left hand even though you’re right handed, carrying something loose, either car driver or only walked a short distance, no car outside, so short distance, which man do I know that doesn’t own a car and only needed to walk a short distance? John Watson”


“You think so?”


“That’s not what people usually say”

“What do they say?”

“You just looked through the keyhole, or piss off”

He laughed. He handed me a bouquet of flowers, ugh flowers, why are they seen as such a good gift? They die in a few days before they die they go brown and start shrivelling, ugh completely useless.

“Ugh, flowers, flowers die,” I said trying to be sweet before sneezing.

“Gee, so kind” he replied sarcastically

“Sarcasm, look, I have nothing against you, but I'm just not a fan of flowers”

I sneezed again.

“Also, I'm allergic to-” I sneezed once more, “Lisianthus,”

“Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, ” he said throwing the flowers down the mail shoot.

“The one flower you could’ve chosen, and you chose the one I was allergic to”

“Actually a friend of yours recommended them”

“A friend?”

“A colleague”

“Which one?”

“He called himself  Jim”

“No, I don’t know a Jim, Strange, keep on your toes”

“Hmm, so, would you like to, uhh go out on a date?”

“A what?”

“Date, oh don’t tell me, you’ve never been on a date”

“What’s a date?”  

“It’s when two friends go out and have fun”

“John, I don’t have friends”

“What am I to you?”

“A col-”

My phone began to ring, I picked it up and read it, it was Sherlock, after a month of not talking he call’s me out of the blue. I answered it.

“Hello Sherlock”

“Hello Miss Johnson,”

“Lee is fine”

Right, I need to ask you is John with you?”

“You could’ve called him you know”

I was slightly annoyed by this the first time in weeks, my plan was going slow, my brain power was being wasted on getting Sherlock to talk to me. I walked to his flat, he ignored me, I call him, he ignores me, I text him, he deletes my texts. He must know that I need him for my mission, but I can’t think why he is ignoring me, though, if really is as smart as people say; he would know my mission isn’t bad.

“He ignored my call”

“What’s the case?”

“You really are smart, I'm sorry for ignoring you”

“You’re not, friend, old colleague, case, I'm bored, let me help”

“You could be useful”

“Sherlock, just tell me,” I said with an adorable, girlish giggle.

He blushed, Lee couldn’t tell but he did “Someone broke into a Bank, old classmate of mine,

“Oh, well can’t be too hard then”

“You’re disappointed?”

“Not my division, but I’d do anything to spend time with you,” I said, John looked at me confused, I faked a blush.

“Oh, ok, tell John and meet me at 221B” He was still blushing, but Lee still couldn’t tell.

“Huh, ok, we’ll meet you there” I ended it with the most adorable giggle I could imagine.

He hung up, I secretly wanted to vomit but John was still there so I needed to act like a human. I turned to him, forcing myself to blush, my cheeks were bright pink and my eyes lit up like the sun on a cloudless day.

“What was that about?” he asked slightly angrily.

“Sherlock, case, banker” I replied.

“You’re bright pink”

“Shut up”

“Lestrade was right, you are perfect for him”

I laughed, Lestrade! I thought there was something about him, but I was focused on Sherlock that I didn’t read him! Ugh, this was so frustrating, Sherlock was my main priority right now, I didn’t have time to be annoyed. I forced myself to blush again, my cheeks flushed; my freckles were visible for once.

“Oh well, come on, there’s a case!” I said, the blush leaving my cheeks, yet my freckles didn’t disappear, god damn it! “I'm So Bored!”

“You have freckles?” He asked.


“Oh, ok”

I forced John out my flat, I locked the door and literally rushed to 221B, I needed John to believe I had a thing for Sherlock, even though I didn’t, I know its heartless but I was on a top secret mission, trust me I wouldn’t pretend to have sentiment. It’s a chemical reaction found on the losing side, even though I already have mentioned it. John unlocked the door and we walked in, Sherlock was standing outside his flat with his coat and scarf, almost matching me in style.

His cheeks were flushed, he had just been blushing, phase one was making some progress after all, not bad.

“You have freckles?” He asked.

I nodded, my freckles were clearly visible over my pale skin, I had my hair in a high bun, it looked completely unnatural as my roots leading up to the bun was light-brown, yet the bun itself was blonde. I was wearing a knee-length blue overcoat, and a grey patterned scarf. I was wearing a white polo shirt with my silver cufflinks and my skirt was my only other expensive skirt I owned. I was wearing a pair of black, heeled combat boots to completely throw off my look of professional.

We left in a cab, John and Sherlock in one cab, me following in another, we were meeting an old classmate of Sherlock’s, this might help me.


 We arrived there, we followed Sherlock up the escalator and to an office with a middle-aged man.

“Sherlock Holmes,” he said.

“Sebastian” Sherlock replied.

“Howdy, what has it been like, 8 years since I last clapped eyes on you?”

“These are my friends, Dr John Watson and Detective Inspector Lee Johnson”

“Colleague” John cut in.

Sherlock looked at him confused, I looked at him, if he considered me a friend, phase one was almost complete.

“Right” Sebastian stated. “Well, grab a pew. D’ya need anything? Coffee, water?”

“No,” John replied.

“No? We're all sorted then”

As the secretary leaves the room, Sebastian sits down at his desk and we sit down, there are only two chairs, Sherlock stands up giving me the chair. We were sat opposite from Sebastian.

“So you’re doing well, You’ve been abroad a lot,” Sherlock said to him.

“Well, some” Sebastian replies.

“Flying all around the world twice a month, I’d say that’s pretty amazing” I finished.

John frowns in confusion, but Sebastian just laughs and points at Sherlock, giving me a joyful smile.

“Right, you’re doing that thing, and you taught your friend too,” Sebastian says looking at John, “We were at uni together, this guy here had a trick he used to do, obviously he’s taught, someone”

“Its not a trick” Sherlock and I whispered in unison.

“He could look at you and tell you your whole life story”

“Yes, I’ve seen him do it” John cuts in.

“Put the wind up on everybody, we hated him”

Sherlock turns his head and looks down, possibly in shame, momentarily filling with pain and maybe regret?

“Go on enlighten me. Two trips in a month, flying all the way around the world – you’re quite right. How could you tell?” Sebastian asked smugly.

Sherlock opens his mouth to speak, I do the same but Sebastian continues speaking.

“You’re going to tell me there was a stain on my tie from some special kind of ketchup you can only buy in Manhattan?” Sebastian continues arrogantly, John smiled.

“No, we...” Sherlock tried to say before being cut off again.

“Maybe it was the mud on my shoes!”

“We were just chatting with your secretary outside,” Sherlock began.

“She told us” I continued self-righteously.

John frowns at us, confused by such an ordinary explanation, Sebastian laughs humourlessly and we smile back at him, my sarcastic smile was better acting than my sweetness, Sherlock smiled back with an equal lack of humour, Sebastian claps his hands together, then I feel everything become more serious.

To be continued...

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