Replacing John

Lee is a smart ass, no doubt, a master deductioner and a detective inspector, some may say even smarter than Sherlock. She may have started small, but she is growing higher than ever. Curious, Greg Lestrade investigates, thinking that she would be the perfect partner for his old friend.


1. Not Like Me

There was a knock on the door, my eyes were closed and I was resting my head on my palms.

“Come in,” I said keeping my eyes shut.

The person walked around, I could already who it was by the way they were walking, and they were observing me. I opened my eyes; I guessed correctly, it was Liam Marshall, an important member of the police force.

“Hello Detective Inspector Johnson,” He said.

“Mr Marshall I don’t need a partner” I stated.

“I’m not here for that, it’s about someone I know”

“Look, I don’t need to know about anyone, people are boring”

“Lee, I found someone like you”

“It’s Detective Inspector, and there’s no-one like me”

“You’d be surprised”


 “What are you doing?” John asked.

“Nicotine patch. Helps me think.” Sherlock replied calmly.

He lifted his right hand to show that he has three, round nicotine patches stuck to his arm and it was these which he was pressing against his skin to release the substances quicker.

“Impossible to sustain a smoking habit in London these days. Bad news for brain work” He continued.

“It’s good news for breathing” John said walking further into the room.

“Oh, breathing, breathings boring”

“Is that three patches?” John said looking closer at Sherlock’s arm.

“It’s a three-patch problem”

Sherlock’s phone beeped, he had received a text off Detective inspector Lestrade.

“What’s that?” John questioned.

“Text” Sherlock replied, picking up his phone and reading the message.

Come to police office, you’ll never guess it, someone very interesting has shown up     -GL

Sherlock jumped up grabbing his coat and scarf, he gestured John to come with him, John still confused why he was called to his flat. They took a cab to the police station and were brought into Lestrade’s office.

“What’s so important that I was called here?” Sherlock asked demandingly.

Lestrade pulled out a photo of a late-twenty year old lady, she had shoulder-length, straight, brown hair, hazel eyes and slightly pink cupid-bowed lips.

“Who is that?” John asked.

“Detective Inspector Johnson, full name Lee Jane Johnson,” Lestrade stated.

“She doesn’t look like a criminal”

“She’s not; actually she’s the complete opposite”

“I think I recognise her”

“Not surprising, she a detective inspector being transferred from Yorkshire to London, been all over the news, said to be the smartest detective alive”

“No way, Sherlock is smarter”

“Don’t be so sure”

Lestrade pulled out his phone, a video started playing, it was terrible quality but showed Lee Johnson solve a case that seemed impossible to solve, in about 5 minutes. Sherlock scoffed.

“I solved in 2 minutes, give me something worth my time” He scowled.

The door to Lestrade’s office opened it was Sally with a message.

“Sir, She’s here” She squeaked, leaving a dirty look at Sherlock before walking off.

The three of them followed Sally outside, a black, expensive looking car pulled up outside the station, Lee Johnson had changed slightly, her hair flew to half way down her back and faded from brown to blonde giving her hair a dip-dyed effect. Her slightly pink lips had darkened to a shadowy red, yet her eyes were exactly the same. She was wearing a knee-length, black overcoat and a new, grey skirt. She had a white polo shirt and sliver cufflinks only slightly visible from under her thick coat. She was obviously rich, but not too rich as she was only a detective, so where did she get all the money from?


 I got out the car, fixing my collar, there was two men staring at me, one was just simply stunned the other was reading me, it was obvious, he was giving me searching look, watching me, looking in-depth at me. I gave him a smile, the sweetest smile possible, my eyes lit up and my cheeks went pink. He stopped searching me and just smiled back, but it was strange, like he had never smiled before. I closed the door gently behind me, giving the driver a smile.

“Tell your wife about the affair when she gets back from Ireland, it’ll be the smartest idea” I said, the driver looked confused, but felt guilt as his face shifted from confusion to sadness.

He tipped his hat and drove off, the curly haired man had started searching me, and the grey haired one was still staring at me. I walked over to the third man, the one I needed to speak to presumably, since he was the detective inspector I needed to talk to.

“Detective Inspector Lestrade, I was told to meet you here about my transfer to the London Department.” I said shaking his hand.

“Detective Inspector Johnson this is Dr John Watson and...” He said pointing to John.

“Sherlock Holmes”

“Yes, how did you know?”

“Doesn’t matter, John may I borrow your phone?”

He looked up at me, he pulled his phone out of his pocket and handed it to me, slightly confused.

“Yeah, sure,” He said bewildered.

“Thank you” I responded.

“Can I ask you, why do you need it?”

“Oh right, to send a text, I can’t on my phone, its broken”

“Oh ok”



I passed him back his phone “Afghanistan?” I asked.

“Yeah, how did you?” He began “Never mind.”

I smiled at him, then I turned to Sherlock, so detective, what was so interesting about you, that’s why I'm here of course, I wondered. He had just moved in to his current flat, living with John, but not gay, at least according to their landlady they were. Huh, working on a case, pfft easy, simple, cab driver is the killer.

“I find it rude to be read like a book, Mr Holmes” I declared.

“Unfortunately, but lucky for you, I can’t get much from you” He stated.

“Your case is simple,”

“What, if it were simple it would be solved”

“Cab driver is the killer”

“Of course, that makes sense”

“Take the nicotine patches off, you don’t need three”

“You are smart” He said stepping closer to me.

I was shorter than him, but taller than John about the same size as Lestrade.

“Nice analysis, I thought you couldn’t get anything from me” I smiled, stepping closer.

“Well, not much, but enough for me” He smirked.

“Is that so?”

John coughed, probably signalling that I was too close to his friend, colleague, which was true, one more step towards him and I would have been touching him. Lestrade smiled, Sherlock felt something, not usual for him then.

“I got a text, good luck with the men then, signed LM,” He said slyly.

“Liam, good, text him call me to my original number at six, sign it LJ” I said giving him my sweet smile.

“I will, but what does this mean?”

“Huh, oh right, he means with Lestrade and the head of the department, I can be an insufferable bastard sometimes”

“Oh ok”

Lestrade led me in, he gave me an empty and dusty room to be my office, it had a single small window at the back, the desk was clean but the chair was covered in dust except for the seat.

“Already? How long has he been? Never mind, 6 months, I’ll get Mike to clear it up for me” I grinned.

Lestrade nodded, I picked up my phone making a call to Mike Jones.

“Will you excuse me?” I asked.

They left but Sherlock leant on the wall waiting for me to come out.

“Hey Lee, How was the move, new house nice?” He asked.

“I don’t know, I was told to come here first, then to my home, can you ask Liam why he placed me on Baker Street?” I retorted.

“Probably for Sherlock

“Shush, he is in the building”

“Oh ok, so why did you call?”

“Cleaning, get your lackeys up here to clean my office”

“So kind”


“Not sincere enough”

“Not a people person, Mike seriously”

“Ok, I’ll get Leanne to clean up”

“Thanks, I will get the mission complete, I promise, tell Liam I will”

“Of course”


Sherlock walked in as soon as I put my phone down, he gave me a searching look, I gave him a sweet smile, my face was tired so the smile drooped and went limp.

“Sherlock, you can’t read me, you tried, darling,” I said sweetly.


“I’ll work on it”


“What’s wrong?”

“What is your mission?”

“Top secret, but my dear, when it is complete, you can read about it in the papers”

“I'm going home”

“Can I come? not to your home, get your mind out the gutter, my apartment is on the opposite side of the street”

“Oh yes, of course, what about your car?”

“It’s a colleague’s”

“You have a lot of colleagues, what about friends?”

“I don’t have friends, people are boring”

I walked off.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“Cab’s here”

I walked off, he followed along like a puppy on a leash.

Phase one: In motion.



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