Swan song

I was just a girl made of broken shards, until you.
I couldn't fall in love, until you.
I was just inches from giving up, until you.
I was broken, until you.
I never thought you'd break me too.


2. How we met

We met the first day classes started. That day was all about looking presentable and not being the odd kid out. I had chosen a simple outfit of high-waisted black jeans and a baby-blue, lace trimmed crop-top. My long, black hair was a mess and after a good twenty minutes in front of the mirror trying to tame it I gave up and just let it hang there. It reached just above the small of my back, so it was long as fuck. I gave blue eyes a chance to pop with mascara, and had just covered my blemishes with some tinted moisturizer, then I called it quits on my looks. They had to like me or I wouldn’t care. Well that was a lie, I was a nervous wreck the entire day.
I had been cheered up by my roommate Della. She wasn’t nervous at all. She was the social butterfly, and a first year like me.

A knock on the door made me jump, and my head snapped in the direction of the door. Della stepped inside, a smile on her full lips.

“Y’all ready?” she had asked and looked me over. She seemed happy with what she saw, and picked up my bag. Then walked out of my room, only to have me run after her. Her long legs were clad in a pair of white jeans and her amble top was covered by a simple off the shoulder, light green top. Her blonde hair was pulled up in a loose bun and her makeup was perfect. I looked like something bad next to her, but somehow that made me feel better. Nobody would care about me when I walked or stood next to her. Which was fine by me today.
This day just had to be survived with minimal damaged done.

We walked from the on-campus dorm, Olympus, to the science labs where I had my first class. Della had been so kind to take the detour to show me where it was, so I didn’t have to flail about trying to find the classroom. Which was bound to happen even with the map that the school had so kindly provided.  
The southern bell next to me, quickly hugged me and then hurried along before I could even say a word or register the motion so I could hug her back. She was a whirlwind.
I stood there for a moment, looking after her. Suddenly feeling lost and out of place.

What was I supposed to do now? Just go in there and pretend I belonged, even though I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere near here. People were going to stare, and they were going to think I was weird. It was going to be horrible, so why not just turn around and go back to bed? I mean this wasn’t something I absolutely needed to do was it?

A message popped into my phone, making it vibrate in my backpocket. I quickly looked it, my hands shaking.

Get your butt in there, they’re gonna love you.

It was from Della. A small smile crept onto my face. She already knew me well enough so know that I would bail if I got the chance.

My first class was chemistry. You were in my chemistry class. Your hair was longish, dark and unruly. Your chin and cheeks were covered in a scruffy stubble, like you couldn’t care less about what people thought of you. You looked so good you took my breath away. You were there already, with a lot of other people, sitting on the back row. Making me glad I had put my contact lenses in this morning, so I could see you clearly.

 I was so sure you didn’t notice me. I don’t think you did. I barely noticed you besides your good looks. I couldn’t allow myself to sit there and gawk and you. Anxiety filled my body already, and the thought of the possibility of you made my heart pound even harder. So, I sat down on a front row seat, pulling my notebook out so I could focus on taking notes. It worked and I soon forgot about the handsome guy sitting at the back row. But that wasn’t the first time we met, that was the first time I saw you.

I was so nervous and if you had given me any more attention than you did, which was next to none, then I probably would’ve had a panic attack or done something ridiculous. Something more ridiculous than I already did.  

It wasn’t that ridiculous, expect the acid spill and the potential skin melting. I had managed to forget about you. So, when the lecture finished, I went down to our professor, Mr. Hall, to discuss the work load for the semester, to see how much work I could expect. Mr. Hall had given us an introduction to what we were going to work with in the lab, so he had three flasks of acids and bases, to demonstrate something I honestly cannot remember. So, if one where to knock them all off the table it would neutralize, but if one were to get scared and spin around with failing arms so one would knock only the acid flask off the table and spill something on oneself, see that would be beyond stupid.

Sadly, that’s what happened my first class, my first day at college. Because I’m just the luckiest person alive.
So what happened was that I was standing there, talking to Mr. Hall and a person rudely interrupted us with some comment about how my hair needed to be tied up otherwise it would invalidate the experiments. Like I didn’t know that.  That didn’t scare me, what made me jump was the owner of the attractive, rude voice poked me in the side. That made me jump, and the accident happened.

The acid, though not very strong, splashed everywhere. All over Mr. Hall’s desk and on the floor, and on my arm. I went into an apologizing, cleaning rampage until I realized that you really shouldn’t be near acid without gloves. The moment I had realized that, was the same moment somebody’s voice broke through my panic.

“You have to get that neutralized, now!” it was the voice of that brown eyed, handsome stranger that I had decided was to be ignored. Since I apparently had forgotten all about it, the stranger had decided to be the hero and rescue me and my skin.

But I had just stood there, staring up at him and not reacted at all. So, he grabbed my arm, the one with no acid on, and dragged me to the bathroom. Yanking my arm in under the faucet, the cold water splashing down on my entire arm, soaking the short sleeve of my crop top. But I couldn’t help but just standing there looking into his brown eyes, unsure of what to feel.

Because the truth was that I felt so many things in that moment. Anger, embarrassment being the primary ones, but there was also awe. He didn’t know me and he had still taken it on to save my skin from the acid. Yet it had still been him that scared me. So, if he hadn’t done that, then I would’ve made it through my first class of the year without any bumps on the way.

After standing there like a fool for a good ten minutes while my arm was going numb from the incredibly cold water, staring at him like he was an alien. To me he was. I had never met a guy before that would have dragged me into the bathroom just to save the skin on my arm, and stayed until it was okay again, without knowing me first.
I didn’t know what to think about it all. So, I rushed out of there. My arm dripping wet, and my mind a mess. 

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