1. Raindrops

Raindrops scatter across the pavement,

Slide down the gutter to the city beneath.

Ripples in the water imprint a boot for a short while.


Three hours until the clock chimes,

Three hours until daybreak,

And dreams are washed from sleepy faces

With the morning rain.


A train, a bus, the dull monotony of life continues,

Each ever present in our life.

There is the cheerful one, she stands with a smile at the door,

The joker, the ever cranky boss,

More machine than man.


The slow keystrokes reflect the state of mind we all share,

The drizzle never easing off, tapping on the windows,

While we slave, our virtual figure ever increases

As the days go rolling by.


After many years,

The sun bakes the sandy beach,

Warming my toes against the ground beneath,

While I lie on the chair, overlooking the ocean.


With not a raindrop in sight.

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