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I left my heart when I left you.
I admitted love. You dumped me.
I left. You tried to stop me.
I came back. You're chasing me.
What's with You?


2. Step 2-How To Welcome Pain

After the five hour ride, I finally reached our little place. The way was now perfectly concrete and I won't be having a hard time getting slipped or tripped by the wild grasses.

The bus assistant had tossed my bags out of the storage as I stood and stared at those big luggage that I regret taking. I remained like a statue for a moment, thinking how I should carry three heaving bags down when our house is actually at the foot of the road where I stood. Meaning that if I get down here until I reach the house, it would take so easy. However, going back up? Oh please no.

I shook my head disappointedly. I can't my grandma be of help with my luggage either, I just can't let her since I love her...

--My cousins!

Just when I was about to pull out the phone I hid in my jean's pocket, someone lifted two of my bags that almost made me jumped off the ground in shock that caused my phone to spring of my hand. Gladly, it wasn't broken. The guy was facing back at me as he slinged the luggages on both his shoulders as he carried the can of water he holds awhile ago. How could he be so strong?

"That's not what I expect to be a thank you for me." He said that his voice rang into my ears and my head felt a strange heat. My heart skipped a beat and it made me nervous. I just wish that the earth would eat me right away before I could even meet his eyes again.

His low, cool and husky tone never changed. Its still the same old playful voice... So to avoid further pain getting stored to my system, I started walking past him and I could hear his slippers walked around the rough concrete with the sand rubbing between the ground and rubber.

"Been a while, Ellie." He started a conversation.

"I know." I said back monotonously.

"Oh. Why so cold? That's heartbreaking." He said in teasing, making me feel irritated. Why does he have to joke like that?

"I'm not in the mood to have fun times with your jokes, Branden. I'm tired." I tamely admitted as I sighed wearily.

"Oh, full name basis." He joked that made me stop and had all my courage to face him. He also stopped and met my eyes.

"Let me clear this out. I'm tired." I said and started walking down again.

"Ellie wait." He called out as I felt him catching up with me and soon grabbed my shoulder.


"I know you're still angry. I'm sorry." I saw his face manifested how sorry he was and it in a blink, my irritation magically melted away.

I suddenly felt angry with myself. How can I forgive him so easily when in the first place, I can't even forgive any noise that disturbs me that I have to ruin a whole lunch break and make my father disappointed.

"Not now." I said softly and looked back at him to continue my walk. "Just please, not now." I pleaded and started walking.

"How are you then?" He asked another question.

"I'm okay."

"Without me?"

I felt my blood ran up my face as my heart feeling the thousand needles pricking my heart. Without him?! He's really insensitive. How could he ask straightforward questions without hesitation? I want to slap him right now. I want him off the map of my sight.

"Oh so you still like me?" He laughed. I flushed harder from what he said. Why am I guilty of that? I don't like him anymore! I don't.

"I don't!" I protested.

He scoffed unaffected. "Really now, Ellie? That's not what I think."

I stopped again and faced him. "Then what?! Are you trying to say that you're the only man I could like? Stop annoying me already." I spit out irritated.

He smirked again and soon laughed. "Ellie, you're being defensive." He said.

Does every sentence he makes must have my name on it? "Listen Branden, I have a boyfriend so quit it." I lied.

His smile faded away and frowned. "You have?" He asked in disbelief.

"What do you think? I'd come back here and tell you I miss you?" I said.

"Its just four months." He said more to himself.

"Four months..." I laughed. "Do you think I would weep and cry over the corner for you for four long months? Are you insane?"

He looked guilty over what I said. Focused on his expression and I didn't miss the sight of pain over his eyes. Why?

"Ellie..." He doubt to continue and just sighed. "Nevermind, let's just go." He ended and started to walk in front of me. I just followed ahead. We silently took the way going to my house.

So we took the way silently and found some of the elderlies in the campfire warming themselves in the heat of the burning woods as they turned towards us.

"Oh, Ban! Who's the beauty with you? Your girlfriend?" Ban was his nickname-- or its what the elders call him.

"No, amma (grandpa). She's Ellie, uncle Lindo's daughter." Bran told them.

"Ah! You're Cela's grandchild!" They  said with recognition as I nodded.

"Yes amma, I am." I replied.

"Oh, you must be tired with the long ride. Maybe you should go home and we'll have a chat when you've got a good rest." Grandpa Gimok had said and nodded over to Bran so he could take tye bag back to the house and the boy obeyed him so I just followed.

Inà(grandma) was at the frontyard sitting beside the house as she dozed. She must've been bored and so sleepy. I bet she's been there for hours that's why she's gotten drowsy.

"Inà!" I called happily and she woke up. She looked at me in recognition as I approached her and give a mano (a show of courtesy where a grandchild take the grandparents' hands and stick the forehand to their forehead) then I hugged her. "I missed you." I said and kissed her cheeks.

"Me too. You came without telling me!" She said.

"Sorry inà, it was urgent." I said back and hugged her tighter.

"Its okay, you're here now anyway." She happily said and kissed my forehead.

"We're finally here, I've placed your heavy bags inside. Have a good rest. I have to take the water I fetched back home. Bet my mother's thirsty. Bye Ellie, I'll be off then, inà." He said and left.

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