Wrong person!

There is this girl who had a crush on this boy amd one summer together he told her something that she will never wanted to know. But it was way to late something bad has already happen!


1. You deserve it!


     I invited my crush to my house, his name was Jacob and my name is Becca. After he came to my house we both both decided to go up the letter to the roof of the house. I was there looking at the sunset has it goes down. Then I notice that my crush is smiling and I decided to ask why...

Becca: What are you smiling about? 

I asked him with a smile too. But he kept on smiling and not telling me why... I decided to ask again.

Becca: Tell me 

I said with a smile again but my hair was in my face bacause the wind was flowing by. Jacob then shake his head with a no. 

Penny for your thought

Becca: Penny for you thoughts?

I know a penny is just 1 cent, but I don't care it might work. I know he said yes even though he haven't said a thing. He put his hand in his lap waiting for me to put a penny in it. I grab a penny in my pocket and gave it to him. He then put it on his pocket. I then waited for his answer then he spoke.

Jacob: I kissed Emily

After he said that I frowned and I only have one question on my head

Becca: Where? 

When I said that Jacob looked at me like I don't know anything about kiss.

Jacob: Duh...on the lips

He pointed his finger on his lip when he said that. I then just looked the other side of him with out saying anything back. 

Jacob: What's wrong? 

He asked but I did not say anything because my heart was full of jealousy. He then did the same as I did when I ask him for his thought.

Jacob: Penny for your thoughts?

He was getting ready for the penny when he said that. I gave my head to him and he gave the penny to me. I hold the penny so tight that I think it so hot. I did not say anything untill...

Jacob: What's wrong? 

He said. And I turned and looked at him.

Becca: You kissed the wrong girl!

Then I push him off the roof and Jacob was rolling down the roof but Jacob hold through the pipes. 

Jacob: Help!! Please Help!! 

Jacob kept saying that over and over, but I was sad and full of anger so I just sat there looking at the sun and think of the madness but I can still hear his voice. I did not care if he fall of because that what he DESERVE! I then hear the pipes and see that Jacob have fall off the roof. But I did not care to look if he's dead or not, I'm still sitting there almost to tear 




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