Stay with me


1. My Ex 😶😶

Some people say that I'm crazy but I still love him so much......Everybody know his name ...I think that was my first time to feel that way but he's somehow special and i feel that. You:"Hi my name is y/n,nice to meet you" Jimin:"O hey my name is Jimin" You:"So i guess you're new here" Jimin:"Well you right" You:"So do you need any help" Jimin:"No,thanks but i probably see you later so maybe I'll need it later" You:"Okey sure than see you later" Jimin:"Bye" You:"Bye" I was walking and then i bumped into someone You:"I'm so sorry" ?:"You should watch were you going" You:"I'm sorry again" than you lift your head up and see him,he is the reason that everybody thinks that you're crazy,he is your EX You:"Jungkook" Jungkook:"Y/N oh it's just you" your eyes start to tear up and your hole body begin to tremble You:"Why are you here" Jungkook:"Now this is my school too" after his words you feel like you were dead inside you, just want to run away but you can't move your legs from ground,what should I do now i really don't know..............

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