Creative Writing



1. Creative writing

My family has dragged me to the Doctors. They are not convinced that I am ok.  I play along. I am fine and get a clean bill of health. I explain to them that I am a psychiatrist and also a creative artist. Some of the work I do produces great results but will look strange to on lookers. I am a hard core realist. But I become what even I classify as mentally ill before a bout of creative writing. It is very painful but only expressing myself helps relieve me and bring my mental health back to normal.  Creative writing is something I have to do. It’s a passion. Who said work is always easy. It can be easy and effortless. I have made my money mostly effortlessly. Next time I must remind myself that I am going through a phase of creative writing frenzy. The Doctors assure me and my family that I am mentally alright. And physically too. I volunteer at the Hospitals and if I did not know better, I would think I were permanently ill. Creative artists typically have a Doctorate in Fine Arts. My creative writing will always keep me busy, even in retirement. I make a little money out of it. For small change in India, the material can be published and distributed. I have already been paid for it. I would love to distribute it for free but the governments of the world don't allow it. They encourage reading though. Reading broadens one's horizons.

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