Bundle of Love Letters

Letters to a soul mate


2. Bundle of Love Letters -2

Letter 8

There is a living for ever lamia. Don't forget that. And plenty of community support for those who don't have family living close by. It is a pity we can't live together but you are an outdoor's person and I am ok for now. I always will be. Besides you are a very busy man. You look much better since you lost some excess fat on your body. :-0. You look so funny playing Indian at the Divali local fair. I am free to love again Darling. My kids are all into one should marry for love stage in their life. I have assured them it is an eternity equation.  Such lovely boys they are marrying. You know I am a vegetarian. I am learning to eat meat for flexibility's sake. The mock meat variety :-0. Looks so much like the real thing.

Letter 9

You are my favourite lamia. But I am an Aussie Lander. I do husband of the year, husband from the past, future husband, husband for a day,  friend husbands , husbands galore.  No secrets from you. I have just discovered that that’s what they are. Not just Guy friends anymore. I would love to go back to being single again but I have been told to grow up and I am experiencing growing pains. There is Dadlish, husband for a day a year, eternity of eternities  husband you,   IGA husband don’t remember his name, Suri my ex love, VLK my dearest friend and then there is Raj, Head of Clinical Services until recently.  Then there is Divali Mela husband, the life Surf life guard, the motorist husband, the Aussie husband.  I am drawn to you all equally. Alas only  Dadlish lives with me. Of my 8 kids, the last 2 will be leaving home soon.  They came back and are leaving again.  This world of mine moves very slowly. 3 years for my acquaintances to recognise me. It is very laid back..  The same thing every year.   I have been through the Grihasti experience which I liked but I did not like the divorce experience. Very painful it was – lonely, isolated, all alone with no one caring about you. Mind you it’s an experience.  I do sex on the go. That’s all I can promise for now. Would you still be interested in being my Valentine for the year lamia. I live on my Estate and we have made this place which I call the City of Banff the Blue Lagoon.  Everyone is very innocent and crime is non-existant.  There is plenty of community network and I have to live with my situation. I was shown sex by a ‘virgin do you love me fellow’. Some day we will do the entire ‘ Blue Lagoon sex set’.  I know the outcome, one day you and I will live together as girl friend and guy friend, many many years from now. Give my regards to your mum. Hope she liked the puppies I presented her with.  I know all of you and your brother live as an extended family. And that you are very busy sometimes. But never too busy for a walk. You are welcome to live on my estate as long as you like lamia.  Love you my Valentine.

Letter 10

You are such a cheerful fellow lamia. As cheerful as I am. I do get a tad lonely sometimes but I have a very supportive network.  Sunday afternoons are my worst days,  Even otherwise I go through about 2 hours of loneliness at anytime.  It would be nice to have just one more friend. At one time I had a friend who would call and we could chat but I have lost touch with him. A former boss of mine. He had plenty of friends. I miss him to this day. I finally managed to locate him on the internet and also after a few phone calls. I must send him an email today.. He has a lovely wife. And a handsome son. But then he is very good looking. Why am I telling you this ? Because I can ask him to be my Valentine in case you can't be. He taught me a lot about how married couples relate.  So will you be my Valentine?

Letter 11

So you have agreed to be my Valentine. Thanks for visiting me at my work place. You are still such a handsome man. I sometimes have trouble recognising you.  But your physique sets you apart. You have made my day. I will always love you lamia.


Letter 12

What a sighting lamia. A sight for a sore heart. I cannot describe the anguish I have felt, until I saw you today. I know you were feeling the same way.  My mind and heart are at peace now.  Wonder when I will see you again.  I wouldn't mind seeing you even everyday. You know I live by the primary catholic school, back entrance.  We have always lived this way. When did we live together. Where is the fun in that. Meet me by the Blue Lagoon beach front my love.

Letter 13

Not a day goes by without my thinking of you. How I missed you when you were overseas. I hope to see you soon again.  You are the only one I am drawn to. We have our usual meeting places. How I wished I saw you more often but its not to be. Love you Darling.Do you still love me Darling, after all these many years. What we have is something special.  I knew you loved me the day you introduced me to your family. So I went ahead and had kids with you.  Such lovely kids they are. As wonderful as you were and still are.  Look me up Darling when you are in town. Have to go. Bye for now. Pretty woman give your smile to me.

Letter 14

I know you lamia ! The minute I think of getting too close to a man to the point of desiring him, you move him away. That's how I know you love me.  But you are so invisible, even though we live in the same town. How much you change lamia. I have trouble placing you sometimes.  But I am always delighted to see you. After reverse aging, I am 37 and and you are a little older.  Old enough to have older and younger kids. At one time I had 135 kids who related to me.

Letter 15

I love you lamia. I am glad you have come back to live with me and the kids again. Finally got a job that does not require travel.  We are a family and you make the house feel like a home.  You turned out to be the best choice for me.  Don’t retire lamia.  Home means isolation, home means boredom , you are happier with a job.  I have friends wherever I go but none I see everyday. It takes me the better half of a day to recognise them.  They for their part recognise me instantly for I used to participate in events. I am well known  I no longer participate in events.  How I hate retirement. But it gives me time for our kids.  Music takes the edge of the anguish I feel. 'Here without you baby, tonight its just you and me'- 3 doors down


Letter 18

Since seeing you on Valentine's day, my anguish has gone away, replaced by a nice contentment. I know you will always be in my life.  Such a good life I have  had and we have had so much fun over the years. You have changed so much over the years. But we love each other and unlike earlier years, I see you more often. No matter what happens our relationship will last for ever.  I am a little confused about my relationships though. I have a husband, you are my guy friend but I love you too. We have always been decent and I only have to see you to be happy. You are a part of my life, just as my husband is. So I am free to love. I have always been pragmatic and its ok to feel that way. After all, I have been faithful all these years.  Why do I like you so much. I always have. From memory I wanted to marry you , a teenage crush :-0, but it was not possible. Of course not. You are 8 years older than me. Yhew! Mind you my married life had been and is still happy. But I love you in way a friend does. We have known each other for so many years now. You are a integral part of my life.  I have achieved most of what I could achieve. Many have done more but I don't compare. I helped design a space ship, not design it myself :-)  But we tend to tell a tall tale. But I was President of Interg....  Now I volunteer in the hospitals. Nothing special.  How I want to be single again. But I don't want a divorce.  How I long for the days when I was truely single.  But I have now 6 kids who still see me as mom.  Everyone in the family knows it's just a profile. In my profile I am single and unattached. How I wish I had somebody who would help with the cooking and provide companionship. A lady. As long as I have my thoughts to keep me busy I am happy. Love you Darling, I always have. Our friendship will last the test of time. I was bored of being married. So I thought the relationship would improve if we annulled the relationship. And it has.  We live in a converted Motel, with seperate living quarters. It is a small Motel, only houses 4. I am the live in cook and I get paid for my efforts. Not much for I don't cook much. It has to be supplemented but one or 2 meals per day, so you don't have to eat out all the time. But I get paid for my other work. At least there is something to eat. But I am thinking of not getting paid. I have lose interest in cooking. Its so boring except on weekends when I have time to dish out a tasty meal. Too hot to do anything these days. I feel listless. I want to capture the love my husband and I had again but that is not possible. He is more interested in his work life. But I have you, my dear friend and always will.  And for that I love you the most. Thanks for moving to this city for me.  Haven't seen you since Valentine's day but I am content. I know I will see you again, for you love me as much as I love you. As the Dalai Lama says, old friends move away and new ones come into your life. Raj has temporarily moved away.  

Letter 19

Life is perfect lamia. Hope it stays that way. But it still is difficult.  Nothing that can be done about it.  I only pray to God that I appreciate my life and it's goodness even more. For try as I might to feel 37, the truth is I am getting old. Will be 60 next year.  I am glad you live in this town and that I get to see you sometimes. Even otherwise I can see your look alikes and be satisfied. Life at my age is about community living mostly. My one regret is that I don't have many friends but wherever I go there are people I know and memories. Sometimes I wonder how I stay sane in retirement.  But I am healthy and I know it. Creative writing does that to you. I am not insane when my story writing is in it's draft stage.  I always feel better after I go back and improve my story and when it is ready to be published.

Letter 20

lamia, you will be happy to hear I am in good health.  What I thought was a big problem turned out to be very minor, easily treatable.  I am mightily relieved.  We have lovely weather here.  Our city is a USA city but in the East.  I am very American at heart, love all things American. I am now learning to be Aussie. Much as I love the place, I have not yet become totally Aussie at heart. One day maybe.  After all I am a new Aussie.  I believe I am somewhere in the USA. No convincing me otherwise. Just because we have Kangaroos and Koalas doesn't mean we are in Australia.  At one time I knew where we were but after all the travelling around, I no longer know where we are. I am not convinced we are in Australia. Australia is our virtual world of reality because we are Aussie Americans. By East means Eastern States. I remember the whole family becoming Americans long time ago.  After all, a visa to virtual India is only 75$. That means local travel. A real visit to India would set us back in 10000$ airfare itself.  We have everything here. No need to travel anywhere. How I love the USA as an American.

Letter 21

I love you the most of all lamia, of all my friends.  We have known each other since I was 12.  Since then you have moved in and out of my life.  My problem is I have too much time on my hands. I am seeking advice on how to get a volunteer job.  It would be nice , a chance to meet people and be productive.  I am too young for a senior's club, as much as I like the dancing and exercise, I don't want to feel like I am in my 60's. After all I am a young 33, who went to the cosmotologist to look any age. I have forgotten my past. From memory I have 2 siblings and a couple that play mom and dad. They probably had us through surrogacy but I remember they being house mate relatives.  They play mom and dad. So I have no one except you and the kids. Please don't ever leave me lamia. I love you so. I always have.  All my family lives here in the USA. For some reason they think they are in Perth Australia just because we are Aussie Americans. I don't ever remember being Indian though we lived there when I was young.  We no longer visit the place. It is very much like Bengal Indiana but much smaller. With all the mixture of races, it is one nation these days , provided you pay the nominal visa fees.  Our virtual world is American.  I saw you the other day, walking your dogs.  I am not enamoured of you. The person I am enamoured of moved away. I will never see him again. But I had 3 glorious love filled years with him.  How I miss him. But I a gypsy  and we are nomadic. I will never get over him. That's how much I love him. Can you find him for me lamia ? I have 5 children that are mine.  I had all through surrogacy but they are mine.  I focused on making money and provided the best care to the ladies who had them.  They had easy child births.  I single handedly raised them.  Will I ever get over my love. I don't think I ever will. I don't mind being single.  I always have been single.  I am in a relationship now for the companionship.  I don't love the man the way I love Victor but he is a good man.  But I am sex starved. However I don't do sex. I chose to be single and therefore I am celebate by choice. One day maybe I will when I have plenty of energy 100 years from now.  I will find another man and get over my handsome Victor.  Not that we ever did anything much. But it was a loving relationship. I do sex on the go on rare occasions, with a decent man.  At the moment I don't have the energy. My dating agency will contact me when they find Victor. I am determined to have him again and only him. And they will find him  some day. There is no hurry.  Thanks for your patience in reading my letters lamia. It's wonderful to have a friend to talk to.  Come visit me sometime lamia. You know where to find me.

Letter 22

I like you well enough lamia. Why don't you be my guy friend. I like you a lot. At one time I used to delight just seeing you.  Now we know each other better and you will definitely stay in my life.  So you have come back after your travels Lamia. You are my neigbour now. It's a delight seeing you Lamia.  Our two kids are doing fine.  You can see them and they you. I am so so happy. My life is complete. I have been waiting for you for a long time now. My cancer treatment has entered stage 3. I probably will be given injections. By november the treatment should be over. What relief. I am looking forward to spending a life time with you. With a living for ever, that is a wonderful trillion billion years.

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