Bundle of Love Letters

Letters to a soul mate


1. Bundle Of Love Letters -1

Bundle of love letters

Letter 1

How we love each other. One smile from
you and I feel totally satisfied. That is how love is meant to be.  Look me
up when you are here, in town.
I saw you yesterday, picking up the kids and recognised you but can't place
where else I have seen you. Somewhere in this suburb, that's for sure. I
don't see you often enough. Though you no longer have the I love you smile,
I know in live in Beldon and I am happy.  Besides you are never going to
move away. Love you Lamia.  While I can never forget my Lamia,
you are the new Lamia in my life. Not that new, for we have known each
other for many many years. I like the way you smile. Don't see you often
enough. I just stand in my drive way and see many of my friends. But you
are special. You warm my lonely heart up Lamia. While I am active, I
need close relationships. Can't have enough of them. At one time I was not
so needy. But I have changed. Some day I hope to be more emotionally self
sufficient. May take another year or 2.  By then hopefully my heart will be
assuaged ( massaged with love). Love you Lamia and I know this email
will reach you Darling, Love, Dearest. I will always love you.  I
constantly ache for you Lamia.  After being in my life for 20 + years,
you have changed and moved away. I know you look very different now but it
is still you. You were always a master of disguises and have the art of
looking very different.  If you really look, you will find I am still
beautiful but not that photogenic. I am ethereally beautiful.  I  have put on weight. Simply adore you.
Hope the Doctors can cure me of my illness.


Letter 2.

                    I am a lonely soul.  All these years I had some friend or the other in my life.  How do I assuage my loneliness Lamia ? At least you moved with me when I moved here.   I live with my family but for how long ? Hopefully my cousin retires next year and provides companionship. That’s what I sorely need. My nieces help but they are young. They cannot relate to the way I feel.  Maybe I ask for too much. I shouldn’t be such a needy soul. But I am human.  The loneliness is my constant companion. 20 glorious years we have had together. I pray to God to help me out.  God has given me a symptom free illness to get me out of the house and among people.  Professionals as I am still a registered Doctor myself.  I have plenty of friends. I only have to go out to meet them. But for that soul mate. Silly of me to still love you at this age.   But the heart and soul are still young. Bear with my letters Lamia. I am a happy person, just lonely since you left me Lamia to move away to be with your aging mother.  How kind and good she is. Such a helpful person.  How nice she is to me. Take care of her Lamia. We will meet again. After all there is a living for ever.

Letter 3

I am a romantic at heart. I emote, I feel and express myself. I know my letter will reach you.  The post masters would have found you by now. There was a time we lost track of each other and weren’t we delighted to have found each other again. Took us 5 years to discover we were soul mates. I long for you Lamia.  When I moved with my family , I persuaded you to move your family too. That too to Australia. What if we are not in the same city. At least we are in the same country. I pray to God to end my loneliness. I have coped all these years but am no longer able to do so. I have become a needy person. But then I am human. I have to adopt resilience and stoicism for a while until my live in housemate and relative retires. No body should be alone for hours at a time, like I am. Retirement makes it worse, with plenty of time on my hands.

Letter 4

We may never have married but that was not possible.  I  could not marry anyone else but I went ahead and had kids by a donor process.  The Donar was a friend’s brother. I have been very happy in my life and I still am. My connection to you helps assuage my loneliness. I know you are always delighted to hear from me. I am lucky to have family even though they live far away.  I live a simple life.  I was not always that way.  Once my housemate retires, I am hoping to meet more people. He is not so inclined at the moment. I live on a street where the neighbours have become family through association. I managed to ove some of my family and friends here too  :-0. So I am not clingy.  Fortunately for you.  I no longer feel lonely.  This letter to you has helped. Knowing you are still in my helps. There is none other like you.  I have never loved anyone the way I have loved you. And you loved me back.  I no longer see you but you are a busy man. Can’t get away from your work. And I know you no longer can travel like you used to. Yet once a year we meet up at the local fair.  I can see the love you feel for me.  I requested you to keep it discreet and you have.  It is a matter of privacy.  My family knows I have a Guy friend.  I married 10 years ago. How was I to know you would permanently move to be with me in the USA. Mysterious are God’s ways.  In my life I have kids by one man, a likable husband and a man I love. It took me a while to accept the truth and I do so. My sibling’s kids also see me as mum.  And so do a few local kids. So I am mom to quite a few kids :-0. I also play Aunt to a few kids in my local community. My problem is I don’t see them on a regular basis.  I have joined activities and hope to renew my friendship with some of them.  Once I have grand children in a few years, I figure I will be very busy. I am going through a temporary difficult phase in my life. I know all is well with you Lamia. And I am happy for that. After all, it was I who moved you here.  My family refused to leave me alone in the USA.  How I miss the US but then  Australia is beautiful too. My Dad who has been American now, is happily living in India and rediscovering it. We have plenty of family living there , so he is ok. Keep in touch my Darling.

Letter 5

My husband has come back after a few years of living away.  I don’t believe in divorce and I have loved him all these years.  We have a good thing going.  He is a busy man I brought happiness into his life.  I considered an annulment of our marriage but that is not possible.  Besides I love him too.  Like you, he lives away in Canberra.  My live in house mate is a local fellow and was looking for a room to rent.  He helps out with all the handy man jobs in the house.  My husband has acquired a girl friend. He thinks I don’t know but I do. At my age I can accept this truth easily. He does not want a divorce. He keeps it discrete. If he wanted a divorce I would give it to him. So I guess we all have more than enough love within us to share. You have always been so understanding Lamia. So I know , no matter what, I will never be totally alone in my life. My 2 kids will be leaving home soon. Am I glad they are getting married. 2 lovely boys will become my son-in-laws. But I will be sorry to see them leave home.  However I am excited at the change. What will life be like as a single again.  You never were a totally handsome man but man ! What charm you have. And I like your physique. You are a tall man. And I like tall men.  There are not many very short people in my community. I think Australians as a rule tend to be taller on average.  Love you Darling.

Letter 7

I have always been a very independent sort of person. After all I was in the armed forces.  That was a long long time ago.  It has taught me to be fearless to a large extent. Love you Lamia.  I call you Owen when I see you on your walks at the beach walking trail. Wonderful that you have moved back here.  I did the Bibbulmun Track from Perth to Albany 5 times.  Broke the record.  I also went solo around the world and was a pilot for many years. I managed to become cHief of Staff Moira, so I have had a happy life. And made it rich too. I sought annulment of my marriage and I have built up a strong case. The people’s court will award it. Neither of us wants a divorce.  My kids Dad moved away to England recently and won’t be moving back. The kids have been raised to be resilient and accept that I will always be in their life, no matter what. It was they who moved me here as my eldest acquired a Aussie Guy friend.  My Grandma who is Indian is delighted. I know you are single Lamia and faithful to me. I also know you are a busy man. Madison your brother’s grand daughter is growing up fast.  After reverse aging I look 34 and you 37. With just a wisp of grey hair.  My cancer treatment is taking its toll on my energy levels. I get tired more easily than I like. My Doctor niece tells me it will pass in a few months, once treatment is over.  Till next time Darling. :-0 I feel so much better for having written to you. My cousin is visiting me soon and I have a couple of  hospital visits. They will keep me busy and I look forward to them. I am getting the best care possible. But them I have made huge donations to the Hospitals.  Of course everyone gets excellent care.  The best training is provided and everyone gets treatment for free.

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