The Witch and the Wizard

When a young girl gets a letter to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she is shocked and delighted. But, there is problem. She is not related to any "wizarding folk". As she is thrusted into a world where magic reigns supreme, can she avoid becoming a target to witches and wizards who wished she didn't exist?


3. The Wizarding World

 I was not very happy that no one told me. I mean, when there is a whole world where magic is.....real, I have to know about it. Any way, Alfonzo promised to show us to the "gateway?" to "Diagon Ally?". He seemed fascinated with our car. "Is this how muggles get around?" I could do without the uh, word muggle? I mean, who wants to be called muggle-born? I don't. After we arrived at the Leaky Caldron, which my mum could only see after I pointed it out to her, Alfonzo took us to the back and tapped a seemly random pattern of bricks. The wall opened. How awesome is that?!

"Now, I am not supposed to show you around the wizarding world, just tell you how to get there. But I will make an exception, just this once, although I would appreciated if you didn't tell anyone about this." Alfonzo said. I nodded. He took us to a big white building at the end of the avenue. " This Gringotts, the bank of the wizarding world." He announced. I admit, we had nothing so grand in the muggle world. Dang it! Alfonzo was rubbing off on me. He took us inside and lead us to a..... something. It definitely wasn't human. Wizard? Witch? Ug, this was so confusing!!! Alfonzo leaned down and said," These are goblins. We don't all ways agree with them, but they are quite good at making magical objects." Huh, that's interesting. "Excuse me, my friends here would like to exchange muggle money for wizard money." He continued. The goblin looked up. "Very well," he said. The goblin seemed bored. I guess that's what happens when you do this every day.

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