The Witch and the Wizard

When a young girl gets a letter to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she is shocked and delighted. But, there is problem. She is not related to any "wizarding folk". As she is thrusted into a world where magic reigns supreme, can she avoid becoming a target to witches and wizards who wished she didn't exist?


1. The Letter

Hello World!!!!!! My name is Cameron Galacly. I live in  your typical all English house and well, today got a little interesting. Don't get me wrong. It started the same as any other day. Except that the day in question was my birthday.. Anyway, I got up, had some delicious pancakes, and bacon, you can't forget the bacon. Then my mom announced that it was time open presents. I, agreeing, could help but wonder what would have happened if dad were here..... I stopped myself from going down that train of thought. Today was my 11th birthday and that was that. What happened was in the past and I wasn't going that ruin my day. I then opened all my presents, cause really, there is no reason to let that money go to waste right? I got a scooter from my mom, some socks from my aunt Dean, and a gift card to Ms. Jane's Parlor of Delicious Treats. Huh, I had no idea where that was. Anyway, my mom promised to take me to London today and why would you want to wait on that???

Oh, by the way, the Galacly family has live out side of London since the eighteen hundreds and.... well, you get the idea. My mom chatted about all the boring/interesting facts about the "grand city of London" and how " our family has been taking their children into London on there 11th birthday since, well, many years before I was born."  That is probably why I fell asleep on the ride down. I jolted awake when we coasted to a stop and got out of the blue car that we had ridden down. We went and saw the sights well, I now know where Ms. Jane's Parlor of Delicious Treats is now. I fell asleep again on the way back, though this time it didn't have anything it did have anything to do with my mom's chatter.  I opened the door to our blue house and picked up the mail. I shuffled though it, looking to see if I got a letter from my cousin in Manchester. I didn't, though I did get a letter from....... someone. "Mum, come look at this." I called. It was from....Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. ' To. Miss C. Galacly/ The upstairs orange room/ Larlauge Road/ Only house in a mile radius'.....


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