But you left

You were in my heart, but you left me on the platform


1. What could have been

When I first met you, I knew

I knew it was something, I still do

I still remember the smell of your confidence

The taste of the joy in waiting for you, suspense

My heart would fly, my body would get butterflies

Sometimes, even tears, but these were happy cries

One day you told me, something I dreaded to hear

You were leaving, somewhere far, someone not near

Words I did not want to believe, but there they were

On a table, pulling you away from me and closer to her

Maybe that is why that year was one of my best

Maybe that's why for a year there was flutter in my chest

The butterflies you gave me were being let out of their cage

You were disappearing, moving, and I was stuck in this age

Your year was the same as mine, but suddenly I kissed goodbye

To your immaturity, to your personality, our friendship was starting to die

I see you around town once in a great while today

But never will I forget you, even while you say

That you are moved on, our relationship is gone, done

Never will the memories fade, the memories of you and fun 


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