Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban alternate ending

What if the time turner broke.


2. Seeing Dumbledore

Hermione pulled Harry into a nearby closet. There breathing forced silent in an attempt to not be found. They listened as the footsteps paused at the door before walking away, they breathed a sigh of relief and Harry stumbled out onto the floor hermione stepped past him before offering him her ghand and picking Harry up.

 "What should we do now" Harry asked.
"We should find Dumbledore, he'll know what to do" she said determinedly.

Hermione crept towards the door and slowly opened it before signaling the coast was clear. They walked through the halls checking for teachers after stopping a few times to make sure that things hadn't changed from there arrival. Dumbledore was spotted walking twards his office. 

 "Headmaster" hermione called.
Dumbledore turned around with the same twinkle in his eye when he spotted Harry. 

 " ahh Harry my boy, I wasn't expecting you for a whole nother week and who might you be". He asked.
" My names Hermione" she stated matter of factly.
" sir we need your help, see we had an accident with a time turner were instead of going back three hours we went back three years". She said with a hint of worry.
" I think it's best if we take this somewhere more private, don't you agree". Dumbledore asked gravely.
" of course sir" Harry  replied with relief.

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