Powerful People


“Synonymous with Corruption, Dominance, Control. The naïve want the power to change nations, the cynical want power for selfish gains. But I want it in the name of Revenge.”

Iris Adaline is dauntless.

When she is assigned to write her first story on Aiden Anderson, it ignites a flame in her that will only be extinguished after seeing every part of his empire collapse. She had the perfect plan. Gain his trust, expose his secrets, then see him fall.

Aiden Anderson liked control.

When he first laid his eyes on Iris Adaline, he knew exactly who she was. He knew her intentions, he knew her drive, and he knew the danger. But he couldn’t keep away. He was adamant on seeing her on her knees, begging for mercy, and begging for him.

Sparks fly when two determined forces collide in a battle of power, control, and desire.


11. The Portrait of Madame X

“I wanted to make your first time special.” Aiden’s lips tug into a mischievous smirk. His crystal gray eyes are focused intensely on my body which is entirely immobilized under his gaze.

    I sneer at him. “What exactly makes you think something will happen?”

    A wave of calmness settles over him. It’s silent, deadly. Like an animal about to attack. “Miss Adaline. I can feel your heartbeat increasing. I can feel your breath hitching. I can feel your core rising. Just say the words and I can make you feel things you haven’t before.”

    He tries to conceal the emotion in his voice, but the slight tightness in his jaw tells me something’s rising in him as well.

    A strange feeling of power advanced in me. Even though I haven’t done anything with anyone, I learn quickly. And I’d spent much time with Aiden, along with his male anatomy. I walk towards him and the gap between us closes. A small tease pulls my lips.

    Hatred, lust, and intoxication engulfed me. “And what is it exactly you want to do Mr. Anderson?” My fingers trail down his chest and I rest my hands hovering above his heart. It’s his turn to feel desire. Silence falls on his shoulders but the bulge forming in his pants told me everything I needed to hear.

    “I would first peel you out of that little black dress of yours, then I’d run my hands all over your bare skin. I would make you beg for me.” As soon as he said that a lump rose in my throat. A dark glint appears in his eyes.

    “I would then take you so hard that your neighbors will know my name tomorrow morning.” My limbs froze in place. A small part of me wanted to be under his control, even for just a single night. “Would you like that, Miss Adaline?”

    I couldn’t talk anymore. My voice, my power, my innocence was all taken by him.

“Remember sweetheart. Submit to me. I will always remain in control.”


    My face turns away from his blue oceans and I stare down at the ground in defeat. His lips find their way to the nape of my neck, causing his name to escape my body between gasps of air.

    “Aiden stop,” I whisper.

    “But do you really want me to stop?” His hand has roamed up too high on my leg, pulling me into his embrace. “In that dress you really look like Madame X. You’ve just never participated in a particular physical activity. I can change that. I just happen to be a great athlete. We can play all night.”

    Rationale festers in me and I finally push him away in acrimony. “You’re not taking anything else away from me.” Coldness permeates my voice but my heart begins to tremble. He’d already taken my father’s life and my mother’s sanity. “Powerful people like you disgust me.”

    I didn’t say anything else but no doubt he understood.


    “Now explain to me why you had all those files on me,” I spit in his direction. He takes a runs a hand through his dark hair while shifting his eyes in my direction.

    “I’ll be honest,” he sighs, “I knew you from the moment I saw on you. My father turned the name Adaline into a business lesson. But I am above the law.” Shock ran through every vessel in my body. A confession. My eyes flicker to my trenchcoat.

    “You what? If you knew why did you accept my interview?”

“At first I wanted to ruin you, Iris. But when I laid eyes on you there was nothing more that I wanted to do than to make you mine. But I know you wanted to destroy me. Trust me. You wouldn’t be the first."

“I’ll never belong to you, Anderson.”


    Within seconds he somehow restrains my wrists above my head and pushes me against the wall. The smell of him mesmerizes me, and familiar lips travel down my neck. Everything he wanted to say was said without any words between us.

My mind fights against his, but I wasn’t in control anymore. His frame leans against mine, and foolishly, I allow his name to escape my body between gasps for air. I can feel his smirk as he carries me and throws me down against the sofa.

“Go to hell,” I murmur softly.

“Please sweetheart. If I go to hell I’m taking you with me,” he jeers as he continues to ravage my body. Aiden is above me. I’m pinned under him, but I didn’t need to move. His every touch triggered a physiological response leading me to want more. To want him.

“You intrigue me,” he whispers to himself while examining my body affixed underneath his. The scent of pine fills me and he arched my back to meet his chest. “Goddamn Iris what are you doing to me?”

In one swift movement he pulls my dress down to the ground. The only thing left on my body is a red lacey lingerie set. Aiden has a sharp intake of breath, and he observes me.

He stands me up then takes my waist around his hands while running his blue hues across my body. In this moment I felt adrenaline. I felt power.  

    With an abrupt hand I grab his tie and pull it towards my face so close that I can feel his breath.

“I do not belong to you. And I will never belong to you. You see that trenchcoat over there?” I hiss, “it just recorded everything you said about what you did to my father. So you can leave now, Mr. Anderson. I look forward to seeing your name on every single headline in the entire city.”


    To my surprise Aiden seemed unmoved. His stupid smirk was still plastered across his face, and it only deepened at my comments.

    “Oh Iris, when will you learn? You realize if you destroy me, your deal with Ambassador Cindermil falls apart. Only my corporation is powerful enough to shift America into renewable energy.”

    Aiden gets up and leaves me gawking at what just happened. He fucking played me.

    His hand is on the doorknob, but his eyes are still lingering on my bra. “You know, red is my favorite color.”

    A million things are running through my mind, and all the voices are screaming at Aiden in anger. But I’m unable to say anything. How did he manipulate me again? He always seemed to be one step ahead. But before he leaves he winks at me.


“Since it seems your involvement in this business deal means you will be more involved with Anderson Enterprises. How about you quit your internship and work for me?”

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