Powerful People


“Synonymous with Corruption, Dominance, Control. The naïve want the power to change nations, the cynical want power for selfish gains. But I want it in the name of Revenge.”

Iris Adaline is dauntless.

When she is assigned to write her first story on Aiden Anderson, it ignites a flame in her that will only be extinguished after seeing every part of his empire collapse. She had the perfect plan. Gain his trust, expose his secrets, then see him fall.

Aiden Anderson liked control.

When he first laid his eyes on Iris Adaline, he knew exactly who she was. He knew her intentions, he knew her drive, and he knew the danger. But he couldn’t keep away. He was adamant on seeing her on her knees, begging for mercy, and begging for him.

Sparks fly when two determined forces collide in a battle of power, control, and desire.


14. The Night

Iris’s POV


Stars were scattered like dust in the Manhattan skyline. From Aiden’s high rise windows, we seemed to be closer to the moon than the people below us. Strangely, the night complemented his demeanor. His eyes reflected a deep blue hue, and unlike anything I’d ever noticed before, perfectly artificial, yet natural.

But that was Aiden. A natural born leader, infuriatingly cunning, but intriguing. This was the man I had tried to expose with naivety only weeks ago. And now he was the man I was working with, or rather, working for.

Somehow my plan of revenge became derailed. I’d convinced myself for long enough it was because I had to uphold Cindermil’s energy deal, but within his arms I’d found sanctuary. Like the eye of a storm. What am I doing with a man like him?

Only then did I notice Aiden was staring back at me.


Aiden’s POV


    She was so small, so innocent, and yet so strong. Her hair reminded me of oak trees, her eyes like the sun. Iris was the day. Infuriatingly stubborn, driven by justice, easily standing out in a crowd.

What is she doing with me?

She was good at heart. I was someone who never cared about anything but my company, doing whatever I had to do to make sure it survived. Not to mention, she’s trying to burn my entire empire to the ground.

I’ve been convincing myself that the only reason I hired her, became infatuated by her, and kept her close, was because I needed to control her. But in her I’d found some sort of humanity. What am I doing with a girl like her?

The irony was, I knew I’d be her downfall.


Iris’s POV


    I’m in his embrace for a while. We dwell in the silent but peaceful ambiance. Aiden finally strokes my cheek and brings my arms into his chest. The only separating us is the fabric between us. Even our clothing wasn’t doing a very good job at hiding our desires. I could feel every muscle under his suit.

    “How about we retire our attire?” Aiden smirked, chuckling at his own rhyme.

    “Right here?” I raise an eyebrow, “in… in your office?”

    Aiden examines me with an amused look. Intellectually I’m more than competent, but I’d never gotten any physical practice.

    “You realize it’s my office,” Aiden begins, lifting me gently onto his desk, “you realize it’s my building,” he continues, kissing the crook of my neck, “and you realize you’re mine,” he finishes, his lips landing on mine.


    The mahogany desk felt cold against my burning skin. I’d never admit it to him but his every touch sent sparks down my body. I shakingly unbutton his jacket and he lets it fall to the ground. He undoes my blouse slowly, kissing my chest along the way.

With another hand, he roams into my skirt, and undoes the zipper. Without being aware of the exact moment, my skirt falls to the ground. In the dim light I struggle to help him remove his dress shirt to reveal toned muscles.

Without warning he pins me to the desk with his body. Aiden is ontop of me, bringing me into new sensations. He kisses me deeply, and with every movement, arching me onto his own body.

But between breaths, Aiden restrains my wrists to his chest.

“We can’t do this,” he states, admiring me.

“You don’t look like you don’t want to do anything,” I whisper breathlessly.

“No Iris, not in this mindset, not when I’m unsure. Not with you.”


    Perhaps I’m just disappointed but what he said was right. Without a clear mindset I shouldn’t do anything stupid, anything so permanent. He looks painfully at me. But he pulls me into his lap once again.

    This time he uses his dress shirt as my blanket and strokes me gently.

    The last thing I see are his deep blue eyes and Manhattan night sky.

    That night I fall asleep rising and falling on his chest, to the rhythm of his heartbeat.


    When I wake up the next morning I’m in a room almost as familiar as my own. I’m wearing Aiden’s dress shirt from our moment last night, and I’m between his silk sheets. His room is just as luxurious as it was the last time I spent the night, the night of the met gala. The only thing missing was him.

    When I try to find him I notice him on his couch downstairs. Aiden’s chest rises slowly, and he’s sprawled out with open limbs. It was endearing to see the CEO of a fortune 100 company in such a vulnerable state.

    Just weeks ago I would have used this opportunity to collect all the information on him while I had the chance. But now I just don’t know anymore. Is this weakness?

    A doorbell suddenly echoed throughout the room, interrupting my thoughts. In an attempt to let him rest, I went to go greet the intruder. But the intruder wasn’t a stranger. It was a man I knew quite well, a man with brown hair, dark eyes, and with a tall stature. Although today my boss wore a menacing look which I’d never seen.     

Damon’s eyes bore into my oversized outfit, which was just Aiden’s dress shirt,- indicating what Aiden and I’d done.

He swallowed with determination, “We need to talk, Iris.”

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