Powerful People


“Synonymous with Corruption, Dominance, Control. The naïve want the power to change nations, the cynical want power for selfish gains. But I want it in the name of Revenge.”

Iris Adaline is dauntless.

When she is assigned to write her first story on Aiden Anderson, it ignites a flame in her that will only be extinguished after seeing every part of his empire collapse. She had the perfect plan. Gain his trust, expose his secrets, then see him fall.

Aiden Anderson liked control.

When he first laid his eyes on Iris Adaline, he knew exactly who she was. He knew her intentions, he knew her drive, and he knew the danger. But he couldn’t keep away. He was adamant on seeing her on her knees, begging for mercy, and begging for him.

Sparks fly when two determined forces collide in a battle of power, control, and desire.


6. The Interview II

We take our seats in the now dim grand hall. It’s so close to the front that I can really admire the masterpieces for sale. On the stage various artworks including the “View of Toledo” and “Madonna and Child” were displayed. All of these individually costed upwards of ten million, more than I’d make in a lifetime.

In an act of charity Aiden bids on a couple, just to drive the prices up, but doesn’t buy any. Half of the girls in the room (and a few men too) were just admiring Aiden instead of the artwork. Some were even glaring at me, a nobody, for being with him. One of these people was Damon.


I almost jumped out of my seat when I caught Damon’s eyes. I suppose it’s obvious that he would attend a publicized event, he was an important person in an international media corporation. He looked pleased to see me, but was disgusted once he saw who I was with.

After the auction was over, Damon strolled over to us. Goddamnit.

“Iris, it’s nice to see you,” he says.

“You too, Mr. Rodgers.” I look down at the floor, we hadn’t spoken since he kissed me.

“Aiden. Pleasure. As always.” Damon’s voice is cold when he addresses Aiden. I felt Aiden tense up and in an act of dominance he put his arm around me once again.

“Please Damon, you were always such a sweet talker.” Aiden rolls his eyes and scowls at him. “Miss Adaline and I were just enjoying ourselves tonight.”

What did Aiden mean when he said ‘always’? This isn’t the first time they’ve interacted. In an attempt to understand why there was so much tension I analyze every facial expression on their faces. The two men were locked staring angrily at one another. Aiden’s grip on me tightened, to the point where it hurt a bit.

“Of course. Iris, I’ll see you in the office on Monday. I look forward to reading your article.” Damon takes my hand and gently kisses it, and smirks at the irritation it causes Aiden. I know that Damon just reminded me of what I was supposed to do.


    After Damon is out of sight I turn to face Aiden’s angry face.

    “How do you two know each other?” I ask with force.

    “Let’s just say he’s an old… friend.” Aiden’s jaw tightens and he doesn’t look at me. An unsettling silence has set upon us. I became more and more convinced that my supervisor had ulterior motives.

    “Let’s just go, we have an interview to finish,” Aiden smirks. And he’s back.


    His apartment was in lower Manhattan, the center of the financial district. The building towered among the clouds. I couldn’t believe people actually lived in these beautiful skyscrapers for more than only a couple of days.

    My legs shook under me, to be honest I’ve never more intimidated than I was by this building. On one side you could see the world trade tower and the empire state building while the other side faced the water.

    The warm Autumn breeze brushed against the smooth fabric of my dress as I stood still. Is this actually happening? Aiden takes my hand and pulls me behind him when he sees that I’m awestruck.

    Aiden lived at the very top, the entire floor was his. The elevator opened to grandiose marble flooring, four gold pillars, and maroon walls. Aiden leads me to the door at the very end of his corridor and starts to shuffle for his keys.

    Surprisingly the interior of his apartment was fairly simple. There were only some basic furniture pieces and another grand piano. It was obvious that this penthouse was intended for luxury, there were gold strung chandeliers and a spiral staircase to the second floor. All the walls were made of panels of one way mirrors, the type of glass where you can see everything outside but no one outside could see anything inside. For a billionaire he didn’t have much in his apartment.

    “Come with me,” Aiden said. He led me up the obsidian steps onto the second floor.

    He takes me to the rooftop lounge, which overlooks the vibrant new york city. A comforting silence consumes me. The soft breeze against my hair, and soft sounds of traffic mellow beneath us. The stars, skyscrapers, and water blending perfectly together was a view I never thought I’d see.

    Aiden was silent too. When I looked over at him he too, was looking at me. A wave of nervousness came over me, how long had he been staring? The breeze started to get colder but I didn’t want to leave this view. Aiden saw my hesitation and took off his suit jacket.

    He slowly placed it over my shoulders, revealing a strong and toned frame. Aiden seemed a little unsure of what to do in that strangely intimate act. To assure him I put his hand over my waist, and I leaned against him in what felt like an eternity.

    I was surprised that he seemed unsure of himself. At our last interview, he was always in control. What if he’s never been intimate before?


    “Here’s a question I’ve been dying to ask you. What’s your problem with windows? You seem to have an affinity towards them… They’re everywhere.”

    “I like to observe,” his eyes flickered to my eyes again. “In the world of business you have to. You never know who can take you down if you let your guard down.”

    A foreign sense of guilt came across me. I’m the one who has to take you down. Were my action justified? Iris get a hold of yourself! You are doing what has to be done! I leave his side and turn to face him instead.

    “How come you’ve never been seen with another girl in public before?”

    “Iris my life is complicated. Relationships are just a hassle.” Coldness seeped into his voice as he began, “If I need physical satisfaction… I’ll get it.”

    Red flared on my face at his nonchalant mention of something so private. “The color in your cheeks match the color of your dress, sweetheart,” Aiden smirks. In a flash he pulls me against his body. He smiles when he feels every muscle in my body tense.

    “I’m getting tired. Let’s continue this interview in the morning. You will sleep here tonight… with me.”

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