Powerful People


“Synonymous with Corruption, Dominance, Control. The naïve want the power to change nations, the cynical want power for selfish gains. But I want it in the name of Revenge.”

Iris Adaline is dauntless.

When she is assigned to write her first story on Aiden Anderson, it ignites a flame in her that will only be extinguished after seeing every part of his empire collapse. She had the perfect plan. Gain his trust, expose his secrets, then see him fall.

Aiden Anderson liked control.

When he first laid his eyes on Iris Adaline, he knew exactly who she was. He knew her intentions, he knew her drive, and he knew the danger. But he couldn’t keep away. He was adamant on seeing her on her knees, begging for mercy, and begging for him.

Sparks fly when two determined forces collide in a battle of power, control, and desire.


10. The Hunt

In the dimness of night my fingers graze across the keyboard of my laptop. My eyes concentrate on every single word in the five paged verdict. I made a note of every single word in the ruling, in so much detail that my college professors would have been proud of my analysis.

It was obvious that all the jury had been corrupted in one way or another. The pathetic court jury had given poor reasons for the decision. Unanimous agreement. Almost impossible.

    I decide to search the name of the judge, James Cooper, instead. James was a prominent member of our society. He was the all American dad, married twice with three kids. His facebook page featured pictures of his children’s achievements. His daughter, Sophie, had soccer practice not too far from nyc.

Perhaps it’s time I confront my problems.


    Trees deep in the secluded forests of Ithaca, New York was an empty clearing full of children in jerseys two sizes too large chasing energetically after each other. I observed from inside my car, but there was no sight of James nor his daughter. My fingers drummed against the leather steering wheel in seething impatience.

    Finally, a grey mercedes drove onto the gravel of the parking area. Sunlight glared off of the polished roof. His eight year old daughter jumped out of the car, excited for the day to come. She had brown pigtails and and hazel gold eyes. It was as if I was looking into a mirror of my childhood self.  

    Anguish washed over me as I saw him yell at his daughter. He gruffly pushed her towards the field, impatient, and her fragile smile dissipated.


    On the field Sophie fell and scraped her knee against the grass, causing a screeching mess while her father was oblivious to the commotion. He was engaged in conversation with a group of parents. If anything he seemed more concerned with his conversation than with his child.

    It was only when another parent brought Sophie to him that he paid her any attention. His brow furrowed at his daughter in annoyance, as if the child was to blame, but he eventually carried her towards their car.

    The gray mercedes sped out onto the forest road and I followed soon after.

    And so the hunt begins.


    The remote mountain trail led me deeper and deeper into the red oak trees. We approached a distant but grand mansion somewhere in the forest of Ithaca. His daughter ran inside to a maid who waited with open arms, while James stood outside, igniting a cigar.

    I shut my car door and the disruption finally forced him to face me. James’s eyes met mine with a snarl. “What do you want?” He barks at me.

    I calmly step towards him, making him even more tense. “I just want to speak with you, Mr. Cooper. My name is Iris Adaline.”

    Cooper’s face turns pallid. His expression turns into one harboring fear and stiffness. He curtly gestures me inside into a small chestnut colored room with a shelf stacked high of books.

    His jaw tightens on me, and he leans back blocking the only exit. “No need for formalities,” I begin, “just tell me about your relationship with Anderson Enterprises.”

    He remains silent. Apologetic, even. James breathes deeply, sending waves of cigar smoke towards my direction. “Look Adaline. Someone with the initials VC sent me a letter a week before the date of the verdict and told me to not give the names of any the investors to the public. And of course, to make sure Anderson won; at all costs… Just please, make do with that information but leave me alone. I didn’t have a choice.”

    I give him a deadly smile. “Well. It’s about fifteen years too late for that, Mr. Cooper.” My hands unravel my brown trench coat to reveal an intricate system of wires and a recording device. Horror seeps into his brown irises and he stumbles, making the books fall to the ground.

    Suddenly his daughter barges into the room with a whimper. Her hazel eyes meet my same ones, but her’s are full of worry. “Daddy, who’s that?”

    “I’m just a friend of you dad,” I leer sweetly. His daughter smiles with caution at me and leaves the room. With slow steps I stalk up to his frozen body until his face is close to mine. At this distance, I can smell the heavy whiskey and smoke that lingers on his collar.

“You’re just a coward, James. And you’re wrong. You always have a choice. You just made the wrong choice. But lucky for you, I won’t ruin you, I won’t bury you, and I won’t destroy you; because I want your daughter to grow up with a father.”


    Stars entrenched the setting dawn light. My knuckles turned white as I gripped the steering wheel with the force of mountains, and sped past every stoplight. There was nothing I wanted to do other than to drink myself into numbness. But a part of me still wanted to see Aiden again.

Whether our connection had been purely physical or a twisted infatuation a part of me couldn’t deny his touch. Despite this spiraling situation I couldn’t deny it. He made me do irrational things, and belie my calculated and composed persona.

What is wrong with me? Go to hell, Anderson.


My weak legs stumbled up to my apartment. The first thing to greet me when the door swings open was the devilish grin of a man in a suit, and a twinkle in his dangerous grey eyes.

The next thing I notice is a priceless painting behind his body.

“Aiden. Why the hell is the Portrait of Madame X in my apartment?”

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