I have a heart

It's about a a rich girl that is not so popular but only has two and she wants someone to love her, she saids to herself let there be a new good looking teacher that would love me.the next day her world turn around when the new teacher arived and a relationship start s to arive


1. The Beginning

Once there was a girl called Riley she was rich and wasn't very popular and was student council president most of her time she would hang out with her two friends (Jade and Summer).

After school Riley went home and eat food then went into her bed and then said to herself let there be a new teacher that would love me and for not looks then she went to bed.

The next day Riley went to school. Hey Rily theres a new teacher and I would like you to say hello and show him around (him) its fine if you don't asked the principal, then the teacher walked in and Riley saw him (blushing) he is young also good looking too. After he walked up to her hi my name is Mr Ryan, Justin call me Ryan (whisper) please to meet you said Ryan also he will be your homeroom teacher said the principal yes score said Rily what that asked the principal, nothing replyed Riley ok how about I show you around then they looked around the school, how about we go your homeroom class and I will introduce you to the class said Riley then they went to the classroom ok wait here saying to Ryan then she walked in, hey guy listen we have a new teacher come in said Riley, than he walked in all the girl started talking wow he is so good looking and his young too, great that just what we need a new young teacher said some boys in the class ( wow were like sixteen and he is like thirty some thing  well I'm fifteen) he lets give him a chance to speak ok take it away said Riley hi my name Is Mr Ryan I'm from Dublin it's In Ireland and I finished collage there two years early and university too so I'm one of the youngest people finish school I'm twenty two-year old were suppose to do Spanish how about we do a QNA instead with our phones said Ryan, after on of the girls put there hand up and said Rily doesn't have a phone said the classmate ok thats fine I can fix that problem later ok everybody get into pair or fours replyed a Riley so what do thing about he teacher asked summer he's hot replyed Rily what did you say, he's hot replyed Jade sure did so, you like the teacher said the both of them, no he is just hot replyed Riley are you sure said Riley's friends, yes I'm sure said Riley ok then stay calm becouse he is coming here (blushing) then you don't have a phone Riley you can just doit with me ok let start said Ryan then suddenly the bell rang oh class is over hey how about I show you to your nwxt class said Riley what if your late said Ryan I will say I was doing student council things it's ok plus we can talk more said Riley then she smiled then Ryan blushed ok said Ryan.



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