Te Amo Coffee

You get to see in the eyes of Annie Cooper, her boy troubles, and how Cammie brings her along everywhere she goes.



2. So Sorry! Remake of Chapter 2

Well, ever since then, me and Josh have been arch frenemies. If, that’s a thing. We’re good friends and all, but we’re competitive.

Anyway, Cammie is my best friend, who has always been with me. We even moved in an apartment, but Josh lives across from us. Typical.

"Is this dress good enough?” Cammie tried on like a billion dresses! So, I decided on the one she was already wearing.

"Of course it’s good Cam! You look amazing! But, why do ‘I’ have to tag along?”

"Well because you have a date! With guess who? JOSH!”

Cammie opens the door and Josh is standing there in a tux.

“Okay! First of all, you owe me. Big time.” I stepped closer to Josh, well more like he ‘pulled’ me close to the freaking door!

“Aren’t you cute shuffle puff?”

"Ugh, let’s just get on with it. Let’s go loverboy! Onward to the car!” I pushed him, making him trip and sending me death glare. I responded with a innocent look. ------------------------------------------------

Cammie whispered to me “We’re here! Make him holler girl!”

I whispered back “WHAT?!” In my high-pitched voice I get when I’m nervous.

Cammie just laughed and walked to her seat, with her soon-to-be- boyfriend next to her.

I sat next to Sir Lancelot and as we sat he had suddenly had his arms around me! Ugh, my cheeks were acting on it’s own accord I guess. To make him stop I began stepping on his right foot rapidly, Let’s see how long he can hold this grip on me. Josh knew that was his soft spot, so he said,

"Me and Annie..Are dating!”

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