what depression feels like (poem)

how depression feels like (in my opinion)


1. the poem // what depression feels like

What depression feels like:

You wake up.

From the moment you open your eyes you’re miserable.

You can’t manage to anything.

You’re too tired to get out of bed.

Not tired psychically, but mentally.

Another day to survive.

Barely getting by.

The demons in your head.

They’re screaming.

“You’re not good enough.”

“You don’t deserve this life.”

In the beginning, you’re trying to ignore them.

But as time goes by.

You’re starting to believe them.

Maybe life would be better if I wasn’t here.

Maybe people around me wouldn’t even notice I’m gone.

They wouldn’t miss me.

They wouldn’t care.

The nights are the toughest.

You're alone in the dark with your thoughts.

They’re all you can think off.

Nothing to distract you.

You can't fight them.

It's an endless war.

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