Jack of Amanda

After looking for a job in the new town, Armadillo, Jack meets Amanda, a women who looks for work as a bartender.

Between them, they go on grit-taking adventures that will get them closer to who they really are...


1. The train goes wherever.

The train whistle blew, meaning it was about to leave Manata. I, Jack Dempsy, was leaving my home town to live and work at the new town, Armadillo, established 1877.


The train stopped being stationary and started to accelerate. There I was, on a seat for two, looking out the window, wondering; will I find a lady that likes what I do?

"Excuse me sir, is that seat occupied?" A lady asked

"Yes madam." Replied the Man

That's when I saw her, her eyes, as green as flawless Emeralds, her hair, as soft a silk, her white dress, like silver...

"Sir, is this seat occupied? Or is it vacant?" The lady asked me. I couldn't say a word, I quickly replied "It's vacant..."


As the lady sat herself down she then sighed "Thank you, all the other carriages either had rude people or no seats. But it's obvious that the're looking to stay in Armadillo." She waited for a response, "True enough, but, are you staying at Armadillo?" I responded. "Yes I am, bah, where's my manners, my name is Amanda, Amanda Lento." "That's a beautiful name, my name is Jack, Jack Dempsy." We then looked at each other for a period of time, she then broke the silence. "I'm working as a bartender, at the bar 'Mule's Grog'. Where would a Gentleman like you work, for the Sheriff?"

"Nah, I'm going to work as a 'Horse Breaker' in Armadillo". I replied "Anyway, I wouldn't have the brains or brawn to join them."

The train whistle blew as they stopped at the station of Armadillo. "Well, this is our stop. Should we get off Jack?" Amanda questioned. "Yes we should." I said, both with a smile and alarm bells going through my head.


"I'll see you later, Amanda" I shouted while going to my new house, she waved good-bye to me, and we both went to our own, new homes.

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