Jack of Amanda

After looking for a job in the new town, Armadillo, Jack meets Amanda, a women who looks for work as a bartender.

Between them, they go on grit-taking adventures that will get them closer to who they really are...


2. A stick-up, a bartender, a kiss

The next morning, I was wide awake, as I ate a juicy red apple, and swigged some cold water, I put on my clothes and went to the stables. "Morning Mr Dempsy." A voice called, it was none other than my friend, Harry Gnash. "Howdy partner, how's it going?" I replied in joy. "Pretty good, got hammered last night, trying to get rid of this bloody hangover." Harry shouted. "How much did you have?" I questioned him, "Ummm... three Tequilas, two Bourbons and a shot of Whisky." He replied, in a slurred accent, from his alcohol.


The day went well, broke six horses, Harry broke three, mostly due to his mind splitting head-ache. It was four in the afternoon. "Let's get ourselves something to drink!" Harry shouted, excitedly. "Okay, but don't drink alcohol." I replied. As we entered, a gunshot was herd. "Everyone, shut up, stay on the ground, or I'll hurt Honey Bee here!" A bandit shouted. "Please don't!" The lady yelled, "wait, I remember that voice..." Jack said to himself, sure enough, it was Amanda, he went pale, he had to do something, but what could I do? I know, something Heroic and dumb... Harry was running away as fast as possible. I know what to do.


"So, you want a man like me..." The bandit asked Amanda as a voice cracked though his sentence. "Hey! I think you should leave these people alone." Jack shouted 'Why am I doing this? Do I have feelings, for Amanda?' he thought.

"Crack boy, get going or I'll shoot ya!" The bandit shouted as he pointed a rifle at him. Jack then remembered, he brakes horses. He has a lasso. For breaking wild horses. "Jack! Don't, you'll die!" Amanda yelled at him. Jack, as quick as a flash, got his lasso and threw it at the bandit, pulling his legs off balance, dropping his gun.

"You bastard! I'll kill you!" The bandit screamed as I hogtied him. "I herd gunshots and came down to... Ah! You captured him!" The sheriff cried. "Your welcome, anything to help people." I said, like a Noble Gentleman. "Take 15 gold and have a great day!" The sheriff yelled at Jack as he dragged the bandit along the ground.


"Thank you Jack, for saving us all." Amanda said "Just trying to help." I responded in glee.

"I need to repay you of your debt to me, how about this?" Amanda asked, Jack couldn't reply, he was being kissed. "That will do." He said blushing, Amanda blushed. "So, can I have a Bourbon Amanda?" I asked. "Sure thing, Dempsy." Amanda replied, winking. Jack found someone, someone he would share feelings for, someone he loved, someone, he'll never forget.

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