The Way To Happiness

She wouldn't give any guy the time of day, but somehow, he managed to sneak his way into her heart, terribly.


1. Introduction

Okay, okay, I know it sucks, but forgive me. It's 2AM and I didn't want to lose the idea. 



Her heart pounded on it’s drum as she gasped for breath at the yellow line.


“H-h-ow long?”


“Five minutes and forty-two seconds,” the timer clicks along with a sigh of exasperation. 


“God!” She kicks a pebble far across the track.


“Rita are you insane? I’ve never even heard of someone running a mile that quickly, what are you huffing and puffing about?”


“James! It’s not that simple! They’ve got the best soccer team in the state!” Rita yells as she douses her hair with water in a plastic bottle. She curses under her breath as it drips on her shorts.


“You’re working yourself too hard and it’s worrying me because I can’t exactly keep an eye on you at school,” James ponders as he throws Rita a heap of clothes.


“Thanks,” Rita mutters, ripping her t-shirt off. She throws on the white blouse, fumbling with the buttons. Rita beckons James to throw the skirt that laid across the track.


He rolls his eyes as he jogs over,


“We’ve been best-friends for six years now, and you still don’t take in the fact I’m a guy.”


Rita chuckles, “Don’t stare then.”


James laughs as the two walk over to the gate, “There’s nothing to stare at!”


He already knew what was coming at him, because he dodged Rita’s punch. He than ran his hand threw his sandy blonde hair, acting like nothing happened.


She pursed her lips. It was a known fact that she wasn’t done growing, only being sixteen. But, Rita believed she hadn’t exactly blossomed yet, only besides the fact that her legs were massive (along with her behind!) because of the strength training soccer had. She had most curves, but wasn’t exactly stocked up there and of course, every guy made sure to point it out.


Rita stood with a medium frame and with only being 5’2, she could pack a powerful punch. But, she never thought of herself as drop dead gorgeous.


Maybe, just maybe, decent.


Decent as in the girl-next-door look about her, only attracting a few guys in her life which she only drove away.


James on the other hand, seemed to be a panty dropper. 


He was tall and thin, athletic, and, he worked at the animal shelter. James managed to have a new girl every week because of his work and personality, but Rita never judged him. Rita did make sure to judge every girl he was with. That was probably because James confessed his love for her over two years ago and she rejected him. Ever since then, she’s been mentally judging every man or woman in his sight.


Rita never let a man get to her, usually. It was probably because she never usually had to wave off any boys too often. 


As they reached the gate, James tapped Rita on the shoulder.


“At least let me drive you to school.”


Rita scoffed, “Why, so they can already label me as a whore that comes to school in a BMW?”


James wavered his eyes, “You’re my best friend who I won’t see for 8 hours straight, five days a week for a while. Please, Rita?”


She grinned, “Can I drive?”


“Funny joke. Remember how you recked your Pinto?”


“Get in the car, James.” Rita rolls her eyes.






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