The Way To Happiness

She wouldn't give any guy the time of day, but somehow, he managed to sneak his way into her heart, terribly.


3. Chapter Two

It's 3AM and I have no clue on what I conducted, but I think I like it.

I wrote it from Rita's perspective. I think I'll be bouncing around for a little.




 I couldn't let a guy get to me, especially someone like him.


Students in the hallways began to look at the sight of Harry and I walking down, sending my mind wild. Some stood with their mouths wide open, likely at the fact that I looked like I was about to kill myself.


  I'd most likely never admit this out loud, but he was gorgeous, but like once said, every drug had it's side effects.


 My mind went racing every time he spoke because I had to mentally prepare myself. I have no clue whatsoever who this guy was, but I knew how they always turned out.  


Miserable and alone.


  We walked by a group of boys who looked much older than me, well everybody looked older than me. I'm 5'2 for heaven's sake.


Though, they flashed smirks and smiles at Harry and he responded with a simple nod. Confused, we stopped in front of a wooden door.


  Before Harry even had the chance to knock, three girls rushed to the door. It seems as if they had fought over who would twist the knob, but a blonde girl opened the door. She gave a dreamy look to Harry then took a quick glance at me, her smile quickly fading.


  "Hi Harry!" She slurs.


  Harry ignores her and mutters something under his breath.  


"Mr. Wilson, look who I found!"  


An older man turns around in a black office chair, coffee mug in hand.


He sets it down and begins to walk my way, his hand out:  


"Very wonderful you could make it to my class, Miss Lordon. I possibly could not continue without the presence of yourself on your first day of classes here at the school."


  I widen my eyes, unable to speak.


  "Please, take your education more seriously. Let this be your one and only get out of jail card. Take a seat next to Harry, since it seems you two have met beforehand."  


Students in the class muffle their voices from laughing. The Blonde laughs with her group of other blonde. I saunter my way over, flushed with embarrassment.


I do my best to hide the redness in my face from Harry.


Then, fall into my seat and sit beside him at the desk. He leans and whispers my ears, chuckling.


  "It must be fate."  


"No, this is my punishment for killing the class hamster four years ago," I groan, putting my face on the desk.  


"Never have I ever met someone as miserable as you, Rita. Why are you so angry with the world?" Harry peers in my face, brushing a piece of hair behind my ears.


  I quickly swat his hand away, glaring.


  "Because people like you exist in it."  


He chuckles, "You know, you should consider yourself lucky. I don't give many girls here my time besides you at the moment considering the fact you could most likely ruin my reputation. Think about it, the top ambassador talking to the new girl. True love, don't you think?"


  I had it, I would have to play his game.


  I fake a giggle and I pull closer to his ear.


He seems to like this advance because he tugs at his hair.   "I guess so, maybe we could figure our feelings later?"  


Harry smirks and runs a hand over my thigh. I cringe ever so slightly, but he doesn't seem to notice.


  "Your place or mine?" I smile as he whispers these words into my ear seductively.


  "Both. You can go to yours and I'll stay at mine. Because whatever you're fantasizing about isn't happening."   I swat once more at his hand and he clicks his tongue.  


"Fucking tease. But darling, I created this game."  


I laugh, "What do you propose?"


  "A bet. A bet where I get to claim you as mine," He says running a hand my back. For the moment, I mirror his actions and run a hand over his chest, he tenses.  


"This better be good. I have no clue who you are," I whisper, trying to not interrupt the lecture.  


"It's best if you didn't. Let me tell you what I think you and I should play."


  "Go out with me for fourteen days. The first four we'll give everybody the idea and then I'll ask you out in public. The first person to catch feelings loses."  


I clear my throat, "Should I mention I have no clue who you are?"


  "Darling, it's quick and simple. Don't you want a bit of fun?" His voice cracks.


  "On the first month of switching schools. Not exactly, but, what do I get if I lose?" I ask, concern in my voice.


I wasn't that good.


  "I get to take your virginity," he traces my lips, "I've taken most girls' here, and it seems like I have to force it from you."  


I widen my eyes, "H-how did you know?"  


"If you won't give me the time, it's pretty obvious. I mean have you looked at me?"  


Was it really all that it was worth to him? Did the moment he see me that was his mission. My heart drops a second, I wanted it to be special, absolutely perfect. But it seemed as if it was a black market item in this school.  


"Am I wrong?" He says, staring deeply into my eyes.


  I shake my head and I turn my face.  


"Of course not," I can hear him smiling.


He put a finger under my chin and turns me to him.  


"Get off me," I curse.


  He puts a hand up, "That move usually gets some girls. But what do you say? Fourteen days with yours truly."  


  For this comment, I decide I will hurt him badly.


  I shake his hand and I smile, "If I win, you'll give up your spot of top ambassador to me."  


For a moment, he looked as if my words had struck him in the heart and he nods, smirking.  


"I don't lose. But, really who are you? That's the question."   He runs his hand over my thigh, inching closer to there. It took every ounce of strength I had to not tense up.


I picked up his hand and dropped it back in his lap.  


"The worst mistake you'll make in 2017."     

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