The Way To Happiness

She wouldn't give any guy the time of day, but somehow, he managed to sneak his way into her heart, terribly.


4. Chapter Three

I walked into Fruit Explosion; a local smoothie bar that happened to be right next to my school. It was a childhood memory for James and I, but they had closed down the store a long time ago. James had ran me down the moment I had gotten out of school to meet him here, trying to talk about my day.

My head was already wild about the past events, also that monster. I still was on myself for getting involved with him.

James would most likely yell at me too, calling me a stupid whore.  

The bell chimes as I ponder my way in, looking for the sandy-blonde ogre that always stands out in a crowd. He stands up in the midst of all the other teenagers, waving at me like a stupid idiot. I chuckle as I saunter my way through.   James pulls the high stool out for me, grinning like an idiot.  


"Why are you so happy?"


I laugh, groping around the table for a menu.


  "Cause I missed you," James puts his hand over the menu,"I already ordered the usual."


  "Banana slices with granola?"


  "Of course buddy," He gives me a warm smile.  


I ruffle his hair, "That's my boy."   It seems as if my touch returned all the strength in his body.


He really was lovable, but I thought of him as a brother. I couldn't stand the thought of us together, and I hoped it was mutual.


  "So? What happened? Do they really change into Uggs once they go outside? Or is it just a myth?" He peers into my face, full of curiosity.


  "No, I really was hoping it was going to be like the movies. Most of the girls there are blonde, I look like a sore thumb being a brunette and all, but James, I'm not gonna lie. The guys there are drop dead gorgeous. It was like looking at heaven," I gush.  


He looks at his phone not even looking up, "Mhm."  


Before I could even respond, the door chimes once more. This time, its followed by high pitch giggles and husky voices.


  "Who let the daycare out?"  


I look up to see Harry, laughing with the other people but in a blazer with Ambassador written on the left side of chest. As I look closer, it seems as if they all wore the vest besides one. I laugh as I recognize her as the Blonde from my biology class.


  James catches me staring, his eyes thinned, "What's the holdup?"


  "They're people from my school," I wince, trying to hide myself.  


But I can barely keep my eyes from looking.


The next thing I know, Harry and I have locked eyes and he smirks. Yet, it slowly fades when he sees me next to another boy. Now his eyebrows perk up and he crosses his arms. I turn away so I don't keep his gaze and focus my attention back onto James.


  I've always promised myself I'd never let a guy control me and I intended to keep it that way.


  James went on about a certain subject for a while, probably about school drama as I started to stare of into space. Then, I heard the line of hyenas. I turned my head to see the Blonde lead the pack to a table that was behind my seat. Harry walked by, straw in his mouth, keeping his eyes on me. I returned his gaze only to get a wink, which left me red. But it seems I wasn't the only one who caught sight of this.


  "Who's the fuckboy?"


  "Nobody," I chirped.  


"Impossible, he just raped you with his eyes and you have the same uniform."


  He caught me and I couldn't get the words to flow out of my mouth.


Without thinking I muttered,   "He may of flirted with me and I may of flirted back."


  Instead of getting an expected kissy face teasing, he laughed, almost hysterically.  


"You? Rita Lordon, flirted? Oh my god," He held his stomach, "You're funny."


  I gave him a weird look, "Why do you say that?"


  "Rita, don't get me wrong, but the last time you kissed a guy was almost 5 years ago, in 6th grade, and it was with me!"


  "He's actually interested in me." James' smile fades.


  "Well is it mutual?"  


"He's doing a lot better than you could, so I don't know," I say, sucking down my smoothie.  


"I never really get tired of you, Rita." He crosses his arms, tapping his foot on mine.


  "Neither does he," I grin and I shake my head, "Don't worry James. I'm not interested in him."  


"I hope so."      

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