The Way To Happiness

She wouldn't give any guy the time of day, but somehow, he managed to sneak his way into her heart, terribly.


2. Chapter One

This chapter's a bit tense, plan on doing a double update tonight.


Rita finally lit the cigarette in her mouth as soon as she saw the BMW drive off. She sighed as she slumped down on a marble side wall at the school.


She knew she didn’t belong here.


Growing up, she was barely having food to eat because her mother couldn’t pay for anything. Rita never excepted she’d be sent to private school. She never thought she would soon be one of the kids that she laughed at with James.


She took a deep inhale of the drug, only to be startled by a husky voice.


“So first, you miss three periods only to be found smoking outside?”


Rita groaned, praying that the voice didn’t belong to a teacher.


It’s your first God damn day, Rita.


The voice revealed itself. A tall boy about Rita’s age peers next to the wall and the only thing Rita could focus on was his piercing green eyes. His arms were crossed and he looked at Rita as if he was entertained.


“I smoke because of people like you,” Rita stares out into the parking lot.


He chuckles and holds his hand out, “Harry.”


She continues to smoke, ignoring his hand. But, it doesn’t seem to budge. 


“Your worst nightmare,” Rita trails off, stepping on her cigarette.


“Alright, Rita Lordon. Everybody’s already talking about the new girl who hasn’t showed up to class. Do me the honor of escorting you to Honors Biology?”


She curses under her breath, looking him straight into the eye.


“God gave me two legs.”


“He also gave you that gorgeous face of yours but it seems to come with an attitude.”


“Every drug has its side effect,” He smirks and pulls out a badge from his pocket. Harry traces the letters; Ambassador.


“I have the ability to report you, get you suspended, and, ruin your reputation the first day you walk in Brookfield Prepatory, so please, allow me, darling.”


Rita’s brows knit together, “I’ll see you in hell.”


“That’s probably why you’re so fucking hot.”




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