In Love With Enemy!

There is always this guys who is very nice to you until he change when he's around his close friend! And he begin to bully you and you try to defend yourself, but the weird thing is he is funny and you fall for him!
Will there be a way to make you not make you have a crush on him?
❤Lisa Yang❤


2. Nicest students!

Nicest students!

     When I went inside the room I was so scare because since it was the first day, my mom told me to wear a dress and that is why I'm scare. Well not really the reason but.... I'm scare to make new friends. I kept have the same question like "what if no one want to be freinds with me?"  So there was this guys who came up to me and said "Hi" and I said it back to. I remember the time I got to my bus, my bus were bus M and so is the nice boy. I feel like we're good freinds but we're not :( 

     On the bus I heard him said "Hey, keep this" and he handed it to me. I took it of his hand and see it was a blue Mechanical Pencil. I will always remember that was the nicest thing he did to me :) i then smile "Thank you!" I replied. After that I use the pencile to draw then my sibling lost the pencile. Which make me sad but I will always remember that he gave it to me. After it was the second day at school I met this girl who love drawing like I do but she do way better. She then ask to be freind and I said "sure" I know I seen calm but in my heart it was like "YES!"

End of Chapter two

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