In Love With Enemy!

There is always this guys who is very nice to you until he change when he's around his close friend! And he begin to bully you and you try to defend yourself, but the weird thing is he is funny and you fall for him!
Will there be a way to make you not make you have a crush on him?
❤Lisa Yang❤


1. Move to a new school

Move to a new school

     I was done with 1st grade and I was moving on to 2nd grade class. I end up moving to a house and the school I go to in 1st grade won't allowed bus on where I lived. I then move to a school called Obama Elementry school. It was okay, I guess but we got to wear uniform which was bad because I'm use to wear what ever I want too. 

      When in went to that school I got a girl teacher and her named was Ms.Vincent, I like how she looked and when I first her I thought she was nice. But it turn out she was nice. I was very happy to moved thought because on that old school I HATE IT! I feel like a new start of me and new life. But will it be a good start of me?

End of chapter one!

Note: On what I write is my P.O.V but I'm not sure about his/bully/crush. Also it's a true story too. 

❤Lisa Yang❤

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