In Love With Enemy!

There is always this guys who is very nice to you until he change when he's around his close friend! And he begin to bully you and you try to defend yourself, but the weird thing is he is funny and you fall for him!
Will there be a way to make you not make you have a crush on him?
❤Lisa Yang❤


5. It hurt me

It hurts me

     "How to you like?" He asked at the moment I was scare to tell him I was in love with him because we hated each other and I feel like there is NO WAY he will like me too. "No one, how about you?" I answer then asked. "Namphou" he answer. I was so shock when he said it was my freind, I can't wait to tell her that he love her! But inside of me was sad and even sad but I was happy that he like my freind.

     I went there to tell my freinds and my freind that he like. When he found out I tell then, he was mad at me but he did not yell at me. I wanted to tell him that I like him but I'm too scare to tell plus we don't have the same feeling. The sad part is my freind did not like him at all, "Is it because he's mean?" I asked but she replied with "No, my parent won't let me have a boyfriend" she answers 

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