In Love With Enemy!

There is always this guys who is very nice to you until he change when he's around his close friend! And he begin to bully you and you try to defend yourself, but the weird thing is he is funny and you fall for him!
Will there be a way to make you not make you have a crush on him?
❤Lisa Yang❤


4. I'm I in love?

     I use to play with him like in the bus I threw a banana on his head that on the next day he had a haircut! 😂 But "it okay, I like the new hair style anyway" He said. Oh wait i haven't told you his name at all, his name is Kevin. Ahhh I love the time I spent with him, he always make me laught and smile and stuff like that, I feel like I enjoy begin with him more then my friend? I'm I betraying her?

     But the sad thing is that Aric hate me too😂 I remember the time we're in 3rd grade and we were in math our 3rd grade teacher called us three which is Aric, Lah and I. They called us to the rug and stand up. When I was just about 5 inch or feet they move up like 20 feets and about 30 inch or something. One of a other freind called then "PETTY!" I smile but it kinda looked like a laugh more thought. LOL😂 Every moment I'm think he always come up to my head even on a MCA or OLPA test! 0_0 but the question is "Why I'm I thinking about him?"

End of chapter four!

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