In Love With Enemy!

There is always this guys who is very nice to you until he change when he's around his close friend! And he begin to bully you and you try to defend yourself, but the weird thing is he is funny and you fall for him!
Will there be a way to make you not make you have a crush on him?
❤Lisa Yang❤


3. He change?

He change?

     I was with my best freind that I just make her named is Namphou. I forgot when did he started to change but this is the best I can remember, he was with his clost friend Aric and he begin to say bad thing to me like I don't know what I did wrong to him :,( but I didn't cry, I was strong and tough. When he said mean thing to me I deside to not just stand there and make then making fun of me, so I went up and speck for myself but I did not work at all. But it's okay because when they said mean thing about me it was jokes and stuff just to make then laught but it was not RESPECTFUL! At all. 

     I learned a lesson because when I was 1st grade I was so shy and quite but now I learn a lesson from my "kind man" but not anymore :( that always speck up for your self. I stared to bully him like we hated each other. We both hated each other so much that we don't any more. We just told jokes about what we wear like my scarf a baby becaue it's pink and very mean stuffs.

End of chapter three!

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