The Heartbreaker

For the Valentine's Competition. Jezabel. A rich, mysterious beauty. Long, blonde hair. Pale skin. Perfect face and complexion. Her life is pretty easy. She has everything she wants. Everything is perfect. Except her boyfriend, James. Around school, James has become known as "The Heartbreaker." He always breaks the girl's heart. Some think he's heartless himself. But Jez knows better. Or thinks she does. James is constantly breaking her heart, just like everyone else's. But she just can't resist running back to him when he calls. She's deep in love, you see. And no amount of heartache is going to change that.


1. Prologue

Jez just couldn't help herself. She kissed him. She expected him to kiss her back. What she didn't expect was for him to shove her to the ground.

"I thought you loved me?" she shouted after him, as he turned and walked away. 

"I loved you." he said, turning around slightly. "Past tense."

And he walked away, leaving her there on the ground. 

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