😴After The Sleep😴

It about this girl named Lily! She is the main character in the story and her life was just normal like any other girl in this world. Until she met a pouplar singer Jake, and that is what make Lily life CHANGE!


5. Were moving,AGAIN!

Were moving, AGIAN!

     I then went inside the house burst out smiling and tell my mom about the moneys. She tell me we're moving again! Because she found out that there was a dead mother and children in this house in the basement. She said maybe we can use the moneys that I work to pay for a new beautiful house."Yes, okay" that what I said. But I will have to get 5 millions dollar first because 1 million house will be pretty but 5 million house would be more pretty! 🌺

     I'm not trying to be greedy but, when you popular, you need to have a beautiful house. Jake then came and pick me up, I ate a lot of candy during the ride. When we got there I don't got to wear makeup but got to wear a short and a blue crop top. "You know that everything you wear is what we made!" Said one of co-worker I was so surprise what they said because i was in love with these. They told me to bring all the stuff I wear home and I was in shock and said "BEST JOB EVER!"

     I then went home bringing the clothes, my mom saw me come home "I know I make a very good choice to let you work there!" Mom said. Now what I did not tell you is that I got double the amount of moneys! I got 10 millions dollar!

End of chapter five!


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