😴After The Sleep😴

It about this girl named Lily! She is the main character in the story and her life was just normal like any other girl in this world. Until she met a pouplar singer Jake, and that is what make Lily life CHANGE!


6. Shopping time!

Shopping time!

     We then went shopping when my mom knew I have a lot of moneys like 10 millions! First we bought a house we see this house that is so awesome it had a swimming pool and 12 room with bathroom, A very big dinning table, and the house is just AMAZING!!!😍 it was 7 millions dollar and we have to pay 5 millions a month. I thought it was no big deal because I got at least more then 5 million dollar a day! The house is then our me and my mom then get our stuff from our house and put it in our new house. Luckily we did not unpack our stuff when we got to the dead ghost house.

      We then bought five maids and two body guards to clean our new beautiful house and to help me. My mom said she can help herself so she bought those peoples for me. We then went shopping for clothes and peoples were screaming because I was there and I bought a lot of thing in the stores I love the thing I bought with my mom, our clothes were so cool and then my heart was bumping so hard when my mom said "Tomorrow is school!" "Let find school supplies and clothes!" As I said again my crush goes to that school!

End of chapter six!

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