😴After The Sleep😴

It about this girl named Lily! She is the main character in the story and her life was just normal like any other girl in this world. Until she met a pouplar singer Jake, and that is what make Lily life CHANGE!


7. School time

School time 

     When we went to our beautiful house we sold our old hunted house to someone and they bought it, in my head I was thinking "I feel so bad to who bought it". I went to tell the maid to clean the bedroom as I was asleep, "yes, of course" the maid said. I close my eyes and see how happy he is to see me because he always wanted to met me. That because we haven't see each other for 3 years. It was 6:00 In the morning and I went to the bathroom which was just about 15 steps because every room had a bathroom inside of it. I try to use Facebook but it did not work because we did not buy wifi. So I told my mom to buy wifi and I put 2,000 dollar and the note in dinning room.

     My bodyguards then take me to school in a same long car that Jake gave me. When we got to school, everyone was looking at the car and ran to see the car. As I open the door almost everyone smile and almost cry of joy and scream. But some people knew me because I went to many elementary schools. I was the last person to class because I didn't know what time you got to be in class. When I got there I heard the teacher talk about me begin popular and a new students, but this is what I heard 

"Lily, a popular Model is transforming to this school!" Said Mrs.Nilson 

Everyone raise there hand and ask so much question like "When will she come?" "Why is she so pretty?" 

Some of the questions really mean a lot to me like how they said why I'm so pretty. But I did

not went to the classroom but instead I went to the office. Many peoples knew who I was by

school but mostly by popular!  Then I went to talk to the peoples in the office and they give

me information and school supplies slip and I brought it home.

End of chapter seven!



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