😴After The Sleep😴

It about this girl named Lily! She is the main character in the story and her life was just normal like any other girl in this world. Until she met a pouplar singer Jake, and that is what make Lily life CHANGE!


3. No school! More fun!

No school! More fun!

     Then Jake said "Well you see there no school tomorrow so can you come and work with us tomorrow?" Lily was so happy that She really got to work there but also was scare and a little bit happy to go to that middle school because of her crush. It was early Sunday morning and Lily's mom text Jake our house address so he can come and pick me up to their workplace. I can hear my mom phone ring and she told me to answer her phone. When I answer the phone it was Jake! He told me to come out of the house and come in to his car.

     When She saw his car i was surprise how it look, it was black long and it had so many seat! When I went inside they told me to sit in the back seat and I said "Okay" when she went there she saw that the backseat have a lot of candys and foods there, it was like a dream car she was wishing to have! Jake worker drove us to their work place and when we got there he told then to help me put on a dress, do my hair and my make up. Lily was so surprise when there done because She love it and really want to keep it. It was photo time and they took so much picture of Lily and put then on a bag to ship it too a place that put the pictures into a 

End of Chapter three

Note: Start on the next episode I will be calling Lily "I" because I want you all viewer and reader to play as Lily. 

❤Lisa Yang❤


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