😴After The Sleep😴

It about this girl named Lily! She is the main character in the story and her life was just normal like any other girl in this world. Until she met a pouplar singer Jake, and that is what make Lily life CHANGE!


8. I'm might be Turning into a nerd!?

I'm might be Turning into a nerd!?

     My mom fill on the information sheets and the body guard bought me school supplies. My mom brought me some math genius and social studies genius and a lot of genius to help me with my grades. By then I studies about for 3 hours with a lot of hard work, I found out I was late for school and went there as fast as I can (We're not driving bus and not speeding up) When I was at school I enter the room in my 5th hour classes and there they were screaming so loud. I was getting use to the yelling but why every time they saw me?

     In 5th hour I got World culture for A day and on b day I got GYM!!!😍😘❤ while I was in that class I just made some genies thought! I was so afraid if my crush is in my other class, like before 5th hour? My 6th hour class was ELA but on that class I see my crush's best friends. "Are you Lily?" His freind ask, and I answer with a Yes". By the way his named was Erin. Class was over and I saw my crush coming toward me and I just walk away and act like I did not see him. Most peoples follow me to see what bus I go too, but later do they know I go to a long rich car and I LOVE IT❤. My crush then came out of the school door and was looking at the car then me and said "Lily?" He looked at me surprising "is that you?" he asked. And I answer "Yes, it's me from 2nd and 3rd grade" then I went to the car open the window and said to my "school fan" to get out of the way so my car won't hit or run into then. 

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